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Tour price of Ba Na Hills

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Besides, the gap will also be strictly enforced from the time you line up to buy tickets and during the journey by cable car or mountain train ... This time, the resort also offers Tourists program "Buy cable car tickets, get free buffet lunch tickets". The task was assigned to Debay, a Marine Captain, to direct the search. In order to serve the needs of tourism discovery, relaxation and spiritual tourism of many tourists, Ba Na Cable Car Service Joint Stock Company has invested in building Ba Na - Suoi Mo cable car and officially declared This cable car line falls on 25/3/2009 after 12 months of construction and 2 months of preparation

The length of cable system 4 is 5. Cham ancient wells in Ba Na Hills Once upon a time, the French first discovered and set foot here, seeing a lot of bananas so called "Banane" (banana in french). As of July 23, 1921, in Ba Na, there were 39 land plots licensed for construction of 36 investors, distributed evenly in clusters

We would like to thank and see you. again in the next post! As a tourist destination with many world records and recognized architectural works. Possessing yourself with massive ancient French architecture and cool atmosphere, coming to Ba Na Hills, you will feel like you are somewhere in Europe, not just Vietnam. Activities at Sun World Ba Na Hills including dancing minishows and street band performances will take place every day, from 10 to 15 hours daily

Opening hours : 11h00 to 15h00 Price range: 255. So don't forget to bring a thin coat. I see the joys of the construction workers - they've always been happy to work on this mountain.

It's not just about tourism. Wax Museum: The wax museum is the largest display of wax statues in Vietnam with wax statues imitating famous people in different fields such as music, cinema, sports, and politics. family ,. In the afternoon / evening, you should bring a sweater because it is quite cold here

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