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Thien Mu Pagoda in Da Nang Hue

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Lap An Dam is considered the most beautiful in the sunset. There are many different challenges in highwire, one of them is cross bridge. There are many different challenges in highwire, one of them is cross bridge. You can try this game at Thanh Tan resort. . Local people said that here at night, an old woman in red and green pants appeared on the hill, telling everyone: "Then here will be a true god come to set up a temple to gather spirit and make durable. dragon vein, for the mighty South country "

This place stands out with two rows of real-life mandarins and mandarins - a special model that surprises visitors with their own eyes. see. Da Nang Tour Hue areca candy is an indispensable snack when traveling Hue To Hue you can see These areca candy snacks are everywhere, especially the markets where these sweets are sold. Bai Chuoi Bai Chuoi - Hue tourism experience Pristine Bai Chuoi (Collection source) Located in the North of Hai Van, in Lang Co, Hue, Chuoi beach attracts tourists to Hue tourism because of its wild pumpkins of nature

The two sides of the tower have two quadrangle houses, with two steles from the Thieu Tri dynasty. You should take the time to rent a taxi or rent a self-drive car (about 300K) for a tour to visit the mausoleums such as Tomb of Tu Duc, Lang Minh Mang, and Tomb of Khai Dinh. Hue cuisine will certainly not disappoint customers

Ending Trung Dao Bridge is the area of the Dynasty Dynasty Yi. Guide, tourist guide Thanh Tan hot spring fares, accommodation. @Traveloka Another special feature that makes visitors when visiting Khai Dinh mausoleum must admire is that all details are decorated with mosaic art

Cung Khun Thai File: Khonthaicung . Hue Food court of markets such as Tay Loc market, Dong Ba market. The Falun is placed on the Huong Nguyen communal house rotates when the wind blows)

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