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Tour Da Nang—Hue Da Nang

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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This work, along with Can Chanh Palace (and a series of other palaces) in the Forbidden City all burned in 1947, is currently being researched by Hue Monuments Conservation Center and Waseda University experts. prepare for restoration. VND 000 / ticket Lang Co Bay If you want to find a peaceful and deserted place to temporarily get rid of all the sadness in your daily noisy life, Lang Co is the perfect choice! Lang Co beach with clear water, curvy beach embraced by Hai Van pass is known as one of the most beautiful bays in the world. Let's take a look at the 15 Hue specialties together with PasGo as both delicious and cheap gifts! Hue specialty as a gift 1

Under King Thieu Tri, this is considered one of 20 beautiful landscapes of the land of God. touring experience in Da Nang Hue 000 VND / package 150 gr. The rainy season lasts from September to the end of December, the low rainy season lasts from the end of December until around April

Hue Tea Palace (Photo ST) Hue Tea Palace (Photo ST) Cake Loving Hue Coming to Hue without enjoying cake will be very short for you. There are many famous craftsmen and artisans involved in the construction of the mausoleum throughout the country such as Phan Van Tanh, Nguyen Van Kha, Ky Duyet, Cuu Horn. Hue Melaleuca Oil Hue Melaleuca oil is effective to prevent wind, colds and coughs

Among the hills on the southern bank of the Perfume River are very beautiful tombs of Nguyen Kings. The statue outside, the king dressed in the French soldier uniform, was cast in Vietnam. Above, the sun, moon, stars representing the universe are drawn or embossed on a blue ceiling

Ngu Binh Mountain Ngu Binh Mountain is located on the right bank of the Perfume River, far from the middle Hue city center 4km to the South. The Xa Tac Dan Xa Tac Hue in 1914 Main article: The Xa Tac Commune (Hue) The Xa Tac Commune was built under the Gia Long King in April 1806 to worship the god of earth (commune) and the god of grain (Tac) . @Traveloka Tomb of Khai Dinh Hue Overview of the stadium

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