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Danang Hue

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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@Traveloka Khai Dinh Tomb Hue The picture "Cuu Long An Van" (nine dragons hidden in the clouds) was grafted by talented craftsmen from rare china and stone imported from China and Japan. The far house is Thai Hoa palace. The participants are the martial arts officials, the princes, the emperor ...

Especially in the cool evening, you will be able to see the shimmering and fanciful Hue city. yourself in Hue's romance at night. The Imperial Citadel has a space of nearly square, each side is about 600 meters, built of brick, 4m high, 1m thick, surrounded by a protective moat, with 4 doors to access: The main door (the south) is Ngo Mon, the East there is Hien Nhon gate, Chuong Duc in the west, Hoa Binh in the north. Unlike The Mieu Temple, although this temple also worships the kings and queens of the Nguyen Dynasty, women in the court are allowed to come here to make offerings.

the mausoleum is wrapped inside the outer banana leaf layer. The two side corridors lead to Ta Vu and Huu Vu. Afternoon: Car and tour guide pick you up at the hotel to visit Hue Citadel of Hue city, visit Truong Tien Bridge, Citadel of the Nguyen Kings, visit Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Forbidden City, Tinh Tam Lake, The Mieu Temple, Hien Lam Cac, Cuu Dinh

To the right of the Can Thanh Palace is a graceful garden, including Minh Than Palace, Quang Van Lake, Tu Phuong Vo Su guard, Japanese floor Fort. Although it has been imported to many other central provinces, the taste in Hue is unmatched. Later, the palace was transformed into a living place for some of the Queen Dowager Empress Dowager and Queen Dowagers

It can be used for children, pregnant women and the elderly. Tour guide guide Da Nang Hue Hue Museum of Royal Antiques currently has 700 artifacts: pottery, Glazed pottery from the Ly Dynasty to the Nguyen Dynasty. Wooden structures, roofing tiles

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