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The Forbidden City in Hue

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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The best mussel rice is at Hen Islet, or Miss Nho restaurant, sold in the alley of Pham Hong Thai street, the corner intersecting with Truong Dinh - but only in the morning, until noon is all, or otherwise, eat at 2 Truong Dinh. VND 000 / car / day to explore Hue city. In front of the electricity, on the right is Trinh Minh Palace and on the left is Quang Minh Palace

Villa Hue Hotel swimming pool (Collection source) Villa Hue - Hotel in Hue Exterior architecture of the hotel (Collection source) Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa owns 99 spacious, luxurious, comfortable and convenient rooms. In 1862, under Emperor Tu Duc, in order to pray to have a child to continue his lineage, the king feared the word "Thien" violated Heaven, so he changed the word "Thien Mu" to "Linh Mu" (or "The sacred midwife"). At the same time, through this, the next generation will have a vivid picture of the appearance of this king when he was born

Guide, tourist guide Thanh Tan hot spring fares, accommodation . Thien Mu Pagoda in Da Nang Hue Nghi Mon, Trung Dao Kieu and Thai Dich Ho. This room has the door open to the courtyard at the east side of the Forbidden City (artisans come in and out of this way)

Can Chanh Palace is the place where the king holds the royal ceremony on the 5th and 10th, 20th and 25th lunar month. The pass is 20km long, crossing Bach Ma mountain range, 500m high above sea level. Lang Co oyster sauce Lang Co oyster sauce is a specialty Hue sauce that tourists come here must buy as gifts

Most of the frame structure above (such as piercing, trusses, trusses , hand-blow, con-xon system, triplets Dong Ba Market This is the most famous market in Hue in particular and the Central region in general. Thanh Tra pomelo Thanh Tra pomelo is a folk specialty of the ancient land Hue City

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