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Tour Da Nang Hue 1 day

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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This place attracts many visitors, as well as photography lovers, to unleash their creativity. Mai Linh: 02343898989 Golden Taxi: 02343. Here, you can walk to enjoy the atmosphere of white horse forest, visit Ngu Ho waterfall cluster, Do Quyen waterfall, conquer Bach Ma peak, visit Vong Hai Dai ( from here, admire the panoramic view of Chan May bay and Cau Hai lagoon)

Participating in the construction of the mausoleum has many famous craftsmen and artisans throughout the country such as Phan Van Tanh, Nguyen Van Kha, Ky Duyet , Nine Horns. 109 Le Huan Quan Ba Hoa: 11A Truong Dinh Hue Tea The tea dishes in Hue can not be over. In 1907, King Thanh Thai rebuilt, but the temple was no longer as big as before

Because it was close to the bay, the sea in Angsana was always as gentle as a Hue girl. Can Chanh Palace Main article: Can Chanh Palace (Hue Citadel) Can Chanh Palace, burned down in 1947. Tombs of Hue Tomb - Hue tourism experience See from the outside Mausoleum (Collection source) Mausoleum Hue includes places for the burial of the Nguyen Dynasty kings who chose Hue as the center of power

You should take the time to rent a taxi or rent a self-drive car (about 300K) for a tour. Tombs like Tomb of Tu Duc, Lang Minh Mang, Tomb of Khai Dinh. Hue Royal Tea (Photo ST) Hue Imperial Tea (Photo ST) Hue Delicatessen Hue coming to Hue without enjoying it, it will be a mistake for you. @Traveloka Another special feature that makes visitors when visiting Khai Dinh mausoleum must admire is that all the details are decorated with mosaic art

The area for grandmother and the king's mother (back, right), consisting of the Truong Sanh Cung system (for the Empress Dowager) and Dien Tho Cung (for the Empress Dowager). Thai Hoa Electric Hall in Hue vn /, or contact hotline 0933 140 860, or through travel agencies in Hue. The works on the two sides are closely distributed according to each area, complying with the principle (from the inside out): "left and right male and female", "left and righteous martial"

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