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Tour Da Nang—Hue Da Nang

Khánh Viết Khánh Viết
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Standing on the top of Bach Ma mountain, visitors can also get a glimpse of the splendid panoramic view of Hai Van Pass, Tuy Van Mountain, Cau Hai Lagoon and the shimmering electricity of Hue city at night. VND 000 / pack 150 gr. To the right of Can Thanh Palace is an elegant garden, including Minh Than Palace, Quang Van Lake, Tu Phuong Vo Su guard, Nhat Thanh floor

For tea lovers, Hue Royal Tea is a dish. gifts cannot be missed. In general, Can Chanh Palace is located on the main axis ("Dung Dao") of Dai Noi - between Thai Hoa Palace (where the main court is set) and Can Thanh Palace (the residence of the king). The 9 peaks are: Cao Dinh, Nhan Dinh, Chuong Dinh, Anh Dinh, Nghi Dinh, Thuan Dinh, Tuyen Dinh, Du Dinh, and Huyen Dinh

In addition, in the Northeast corner, there is Tran Binh The station, considered the 25th fortress of the Citadel, was connected with the Citadel through a door called Thai Binh Mon. Forbidden City in Hue Current ticket price for Hue Khai Dinh Tomb Dinh Hue complies with regulations on the collection, payment, management and use of fees for visiting historical and cultural relics of the complex of monuments of Hue ancient capital. Photo: Tue Ninh Hue Figs

The temple was built in Gia Long 3 year (1804) in the southeast corner of the Imperial Citadel, symmetrical with The To Mieu Temple in the southwest. Protectors statues, Ten Kings statue, Maitreya Buddha statue, Tam The Buddha statue. Villa Hue Hotel swimming pool (Collection source) Villa Hue - Hotel in Hue Exterior architecture of the hotel (Source of collection) Pilgrimage Village Boutique Resort & Spa owns 99 spacious, luxurious, comfortable rooms. convenience

Overall, the mausoleum is a rising rectangular block with 127 ranks. Note: Should buy in advance, or call the garage in advance to avoid running out of tickets. Hoang Thanh has 4 doors arranged on 4 sides, in which the main door (in the south) is Ngo Mon [5]

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