​11 breathtaking bathrooms we all aspire to

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Chiswick W4: Perfect Bathroom Oasis Increation Classic style bathroom
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There are quite a number of “fixers” at the end of a long, hard day: a glass of wine (or three), a comedy on TV, a brutal workout session. To each his own, but one option that remains very popular among many people (with good reason) is to soak it up in a fantastic bath. And if that bath happens to be located in a smart and ultra stylish bathroom, even better.

Here on homify we feel that you deserve a break. Working so hard and taking care of all those responsibilities does take its toll. So, in the spirit of relaxation (and the love for a beautiful space), let’s all get fantastically calm and tranquil by viewing 11 breathtaking bathrooms.  

And enjoy deciding in which one(s) you would look best!

1. A classic approach

Bathroom at the Chester Street House Nash Baker Architects Ltd Classic style bathroom
Nash Baker Architects Ltd

Bathroom at the Chester Street House

Nash Baker Architects Ltd

The classics will never expire, and neither will this bathroom. Those oversized marble tiles ensure a distinctly modern look that will live on and on (small tiles can become outdated quite quickly). 

Could there be a better mix between glamour and sophistication? We didn’t think so either.

2. The royal treatment

Bath time has never looked this luxurious – or felt this fantastic. Get lost in this penthouse-style bathroom and immerse your troubles in that freestanding bath (with bubbles, of course). 

Soft lighting, marble surfaces, lavish décor, and a peaceful ambience that is enhanced even further thanks to that golden beige palette. Who needs a trip to the spa when you have this bathroom?

3. ​A bit of decadence

Restored Georgian splendour with modern indulgences Design by UBER Classic style bathroom
Design by UBER

Restored Georgian splendour with modern indulgences

Design by UBER

What’s the point of having a bathroom if you can’t let your hair down in it – or while designing it? Classic elegance gets a modern reboot thanks to The Design Practice By Uber. Dark marble adorns both floor and wall, while high-tech lighting illuminates the space in cool tones of blues and greens, and stunningly frames the art piece above the bathtub to boost it to centre-piece status.

4. ​Lavish and loving it

Bathroom finished using Mother of Pearl by Cocovara Interiors, London, UK ShellShock Designs Classic style bathroom
ShellShock Designs

Bathroom finished using Mother of Pearl by Cocovara Interiors, London, UK

ShellShock Designs

You know you made it when there’s a swing in your bathroom. But seriously, herringbone convex and chandeliers are what most people only dream about, yet this bathroom flaunts it with style and elegance. 

White freshwater mother of pearl adorn the walls, made even more bright and fabulous thanks to the delicious dose of sunshine streaming in through the generous windows

Like they say: go big, or go home!

​5. Modern tranquillity

​House in Notting Hill by Recent Spaces Recent Spaces Modern bathroom Tiles Brown
Recent Spaces

​House in Notting Hill by Recent Spaces

Recent Spaces

Cocoa-brown tones with milk-white hues. Crystal clear glass and spotless mirror surfaces. Crisp-white porcelain and glass chandelier. Yes, this is indeed the space where one brushes teeth, but if you have it, then why not show it off? 

And a touch of flowers, however small or pale, goes a long way in softening up a room.

6. Decadently dark

The bathroom might be where you clean up, but that doesn’t mean it has to be pure white. Thanks to high-gloss finishes, raw materials, and refined elements, this bathroom space is the perfect mixture of beauty and temptation.  

The Balau timber floor provides a decent contrast with those alluring dark surfaces, and ensures a striking addition to this indoor delight.

7. A feminine touch

Fortunately we’re not restricted to sticking with neutrals in the bathroom. This lavish set up chose a superb collection of violets and lilacs for a softer, more feminine approach to bath time. 

Striking tiles, gorgeous wallpaper, and upholstered furniture all dance deliciously together in this space, with a few sprinkled petals atop the water surface bringing the final touch to a luxurious evening.

8. Clean and calm

Not a fan of frilly bits and embellishments? Then try this on for size: a clean and calm approach to bathing and showering, with peaceful neutrals and smooth surfaces making up a most tranquil ambience.

Those strong geometric shapes contrast very effectively with the smooth, fluid curves of the bathtub and sinks, something you can contemplate while soaking away in that heap of bubbles.

9. A secluded sanctuary

Chiswick W4: Perfect Bathroom Oasis Increation Classic style bathroom

Chiswick W4: Perfect Bathroom Oasis


We are in love with that unique swirly shape of the wall, which is a fresh new take on your typical bathroom entrance. And the dark wood and mosaic tiles make that crispiness of the bathtub even more appealing. The only thing missing is a glass of Pinot noir.

10. A spa space

If your bathroom resembles an upmarket spa, then consider yourself blessed. The beautiful blend of stone and wood makes this bathroom a tranquil space that ups your relaxation levels just be looking at it.

One almost expects a masseuse to materialise out of thin air the moment you set foot in this bathroom. 

We wholeheartedly approve of the oversized print and large white Chinese lantern that teases one’s perspective of size.

11. King of the sky

Rule the city with this view! Adding window treatment in here would be a design sin.

Rather relish in the beauty of the surrounding metropolis, and then add a clean design and smooth surfaces to that sense of openness and comfort that is so skilfully achieved in this bathroom. 

‘tis time to say goodnight. Ensure sweet dreams with these: 9 Mesmerising Master Bedrooms.

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