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Arte dell'Abitare: An interview with the designers

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For today’s inspirational piece we travel to dreamy Rome, Italy. Here is where Alberto Cerracchio and Adina Berti co-founded their company, Arte dell'Abitare, over 30 years ago. Meaning “Art of living” in English, Arte dell'Abitare is a first-rate interior architectural firm specialising in interior decorating, renovations, home styling, and much more. 

But it is the way in which these experts manage to design and combine various materials, textures and colours that make them stand out among competitors. Because whether it’s for living rooms, bathrooms or bedrooms, Arte dell'Abitare always ensures first-class commitment not only for the client’s want and needs, but also to establish a harmonious balance between functionality and style. 

Let’s discover more about Alberto and Adina, and Arte dell'Abitare

1. How do you become inspired for new projects?

Multimedia Lounge - Interior Design ARTE DELL'ABITARE Multimedia roomAccessories & decoration Multicolored

Multimedia Lounge—Interior Design


Our sources of inspiration are always different. Inspiration can be found in the environment, in our choice of materials for a certain project, but also in the history of the places and environments where our work takes us to. 

More often than not, clients themselves also inspire us with their needs and wants, as that stimulates our creativity and helps us to kick-start every new project. 

2. Are there any recurring features, materials or styles you prefer working with?

Yes, but these depend on the type of project, materials and styles we work with. Generally, we prefer using natural- and versatile materials in our designs, like wood, ceramic and stone. Although we don’t abide by fixed rules or architectural styles, it is always our aim to create fully functional and original spaces for clients. 

3. Are there any specific projects that you’re exceptionally proud of?

Interior Designe Rome ARTE DELL'ABITARE Classic hotels Multicolored

Interior Designe Rome


The Navona Grand Suite located in the historic centre of Rome. As soon as we were contacted by the client, we knew that that project would require total creative commitment on our part. With a limited budget, our challenge was to create luxurious spaces by crafting brand-new floors, room colours, accessories, etc. 

Similar to our other projects, great design detail was put into various features and finishes, from the restoration of the wood ceilings and newly designed doors to the choice of upholstery and new furnishings. 

4. How do you relate to different clients?

Interior Designe - Bedroom - Rome ARTE DELL'ABITARE Classic hotels Multicolored

Interior Designe—Bedroom—Rome


Having in-depth knowledge of a client and his/her project is vital before any design work can commence. That is why it is essential to meet with clients – not so that we can start planning a design scheme, but to find out more about the client’s wants and needs. 

In fact, it is our opinion that a project is only successful if it satisfies both the client’s needs and our design. 

5. Feedback from three of Arte dell'Abitare’s clients

Decorative Bathroom ARTE DELL'ABITARE Modern hotels

Decorative Bathroom


We asked three of Arte dell'Abitare’s previous clients about working with Alberto and Adina. These were their replies…

Paola: “They immediately won me over with the sensitivity and experience with which they accepted my requests. During the journey, I always felt included in the project. The end result was harmonious and rich, and well beyond my expectations”.  

Natalie: “Meeting Alberto and Adina and their Arte dell'Abitare studio, for me, meant looking at places through eyes capable of seeing and appreciating their beauty. And, thanks to their work, having it become a daily experience: a value that goes far beyond their great expertise in designing and implementing an architectural project”. 

Paolo: “I live abroad and I entrusted myself to Arte dell'Abitare thanks to their Online formula, to give character and tone, touches of colour, and well-chosen materials to a small apartment near the Roman Forum. With a very limited budget, Arte dell'Abitare has transformed a rather ordinary interior into a refined and harmonious space. And all this without my having to check anything on site: completely relying on the sensitivity, taste, resources and experience of Adina and Alberto”.

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