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Virtual home staging: A safer approach to design

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Boosting real estate brilliance: Virtual home staging ARTE DELL'ABITARE
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Like everything else in life, design is constantly changing. Not just in terms of what is trendy, but also the various means and methods we use to communicate said designs, for instance between professional and client. 

For the professionals of Arte dell'Abitare, design is certainly not a new concept. After all, this interior architectural firm, located in Rome Italy, has been working with its fair share of designs, decorations and constructions for over 30 years. And in keeping with the company’s commitment to excellence, another service has been added for Arte dell'Abitare clients: virtual home staging. That is thanks to their collaboration with DomuStyler, which uses up-to-date technology (without enhanced costs) to create virtual representations, interior visualisations, and 3D renderings (including imagery and video). 

In implementing virtual home staging, for clients, Arte dell'Abitare cuts down on meeting- and travel times, for instance, while still ensuring clients get a first-rate idea of what the final designs will look like. This also allows for all design edits and -alterations to occur without wasting time, money or materials, seeing as the physical work only starts once the virtual designs are signed off.  

Let’s further discover what a tremendous difference virtual home staging can mean for professionals, clients, and the industry. 


1. The future of home staging

Virtual home staging ARTE DELL'ABITARE

Virtual home staging


The virtual home stating service provided by DomuStyler is aimed, particularly, at real estate agents who need to communicate ideas, styles, costs, etc. to clients who might be interested in buying and/or selling. Thanks to virtual home staging, one can literally look into the future to accurately see what tomorrow’s designs and spaces can look like. 

2. Using technology for design

Using upmarket technology ARTE DELL'ABITARE

Using upmarket technology


There is certainly room for advanced technology in the design- and construction industry, especially in modern times where physical contact/communication needs to be properly planned in terms of health and safety risks. Thus, what aids in the sublime reputation of digital home stating is the fact that it allows a project to start, continue, and end remotely, effectively reducing the amount of meetings and travel times for all involved. 

3. Accuracy is key

Nobody needs to be reminded that, when it comes to architecture and design, physical data (including space measurements and calculations) is vital. And even here the evolution of home staging impresses, for it allows the creators/professionals to create an accurate digital version of the relevant property, thereby enabling them to design and edit the space according to the client’s wants and needs. 

4. Evolving digitally

A virtual journey ARTE DELL'ABITARE

A virtual journey


Thanks to updated technology, Arte dell'Abitare and Domustyler are perfectly capable of using room sizes and space measurements from experts’ floor plans to accurately copy and create a digital version. The 3D renderings also include additional information, like lighting and textures, to boost authenticity and provide clients with a much better idea on what to expect, what can be altered, etc. 

5. Virtual home staging and interior design

But don’t think that digital home staging is restricted solely to the real estate industry and that this process stops as soon as the property sells. With this exceptional tool, 3D renderings and digital space visualisations are created quickly and correctly. That means that it not only has a place in the buying/selling of residential properties, but can make a profound difference in various other projects and scenarios, like an interior designer renovating a simple bathroom for a client. 

Thus, it is no wonder that it has become a permanent feature of modern designers and architects aiming to meet new clients’ unique expectations day after day. 

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