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It is that time of the year when most of us look at new ways to improve ourselves, aka New Year’s Resolutions. But while we can’t assist you with boosting your health levels, we can serve to inspire you in case your 2021 plans include transforming your home. And speaking of transforming homes, today we get to sit down with the Creative Director of Pure & Original, Iris Floor. Pure & Original, a Dutch family business and premium paint company, is located in Lelystad (the Netherlands). Extremely committed to first-class designs and satisfied clients, Pure & Original also takes the environment into consideration, ensuring they remain one of the most eco-friendly professionals in the industry. 

Let’s hear some style secrets from these painting professionals…  

homify: What were the most popular paints of 2020?

Iris Floor (Pure & Original): Like almost every year, Classico chalk-based paint is one of the most favourite paint qualities from our collection. Classico provides the most beautiful matte, velvet-like touch to your walls and ceilings. It’s the ideal base for every interior, whether you love a modern, country estate, timeless or industrial interior.

Also, Licetto washable wall paint is another contender for the most popular paints of 2020. A matt wall paint is a beautiful, practical and hygienic replacement for wall tiles, which is something that we see more and more often in contemporary interiors.

For this year, the popularity of Marrakech Walls was quite remarkable, as well as the concrete-look finish as the Tadelakt-look finish. Shades of grey are still very popular; with a grey paint colour in Marrakech Walls, you easily create the perfect concrete-look wall, all by yourself. When you pick a more colourful shade, like terracotta, yellow or green, you create an entirely different look that’s quite popular in the Mediterranean zones. In addition, white hues of Marrakech Walls have also risen considerably in popularity. In these colours, Marrakech Walls ensure a much more subtle style while still adding a very luxurious, exclusive finish to the walls and ceilings.

homify: Environmentally friendly designs and sustainability have become so important in recent years. How have these two concepts changed the landscape of painting and interior design over the past few years?

Iris Floor: Sustainability and environmentally friendly products are very important in interior design, especially in modern times. And at Pure & Original we have always been equally committed to our products’ quality and sustainability. 

That is why we have replaced our last oil-based paint, the high gloss lacquer, with a more sustainable water-based high gloss lacquer paint in order to meet the highest environment- and quality requirements.

From the very beginning, we have strived to be one of the most sustainable paint brands with a firm dedication to produce environmentally friendly brands that consider our people and our planet. That’s why all our paints are tinted with mineral and organic pigments, remain low in VOC (or are completely VOC-free altogether), and our cans are mostly made from aluminium and not plastic. 

It is also important to remember that none of our paints is tested on animals. 

homify: How can your customers, in addition to using your paint, be even more sustainable and environmentally friendly when painting and decorating their homes?

Iris Floor: Choose a timeless look for your interior based on your personal style instead of always jumping from trend to trend. At the end of the day, your home needs to reflect your style and taste, not your guests’. 

And don’t waste your leftover paint: Save it for later use, like on a beautiful cabinet, or spread the style word and gift it to a friend who also has a painting project to finish. 

homify: What do you think the next big changes will be in terms of paint, paints and interior design?

Iris Floor: With more people opting for sustainable designs and –products, we see trends having less of an impact. Instead of redoing interiors every year based on certain style trends, people are more careful to choose fixtures and finishes that are unique and timeless. 

And since our colours and finishes are considered timeless and can stay beautiful for many years to come, it is our wish to see our paints fit into this timeless interior movement. 

Looking at colour trends, we see a rise in popularity with warmer shades. Less grey and white are used for interiors, with more beige, earth tones, and natural hues like browns, greens and blues showing up modern colour palettes. We are all about splashing less white on walls and, instead, focusing on warm and charming interiors flooding with personality. 

homify: Can you provide us with an insight into your new colour collection? What latest innovations can we expect?

Iris Floor: We plan on showing you some more colour! Last autumn, we launched our new colour brochure with more added colours than we previously presented. But although we will never forget our trusty white-, grey- and beige tones, green-, blue-, pink- and red-tones are becoming more popular. In addition, our lacquers, Marrakech Walls and Fresco lime paint, are now included in the colour brochure in grey, beige, terracotta and deep red.

But there is more planned for 2021! We are launching our new Traditional Paint High-Gloss, our high gloss water-based lacquer, and we are also working on something for outdoor façades. And who knows what more to expect..? 

homify: Any insider knowledge on the paint trends for 2021?

Iris Floor: There is already a rise in popularity of washable wall paint and finishing specials as sealer and wax. Also, high-gloss accents are more in demand, which can be a true eye-catching design surrounded by matt wall paints. 

Licetto is a matt, washable wall paint which is perfect for use in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway and kids room. But what if you prefer matt lime paint with colour nuances like Fresco or Marrakech Walls? These can easily be made washable using Dead Flat Eco Sealer, allowing you to use these paints in your bathroom and kitchen.

We also expect the high-gloss trend to move more into interior spaces. To create your own unique high-gloss wall finish suitable for the Tadelakt-look, use Italian Wax when working with Marrakech Walls.

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