5 incredible swimming pool transformations!

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Let's freshen up, ignore the high temperatures outside, and instead take a peek at five incredible swimming pools. These courtyard pools have been transformed from dull and neglected, to fabulous and enticing! Designed for spending time outside with family and friends, these swimming spaces are ideal relaxation areas, refurbished to provide a wonderful sense of serenity and tranquillity. 

These courtyards all have something in common-they all have a pool! While some are compact and some are large, each has their own brilliant ability to provide an alluring and inviting ambience. Are you ready to take a peek into some lovely refreshed swimming pools? Let's go!  

1. Before: abandoned and dirty

The first courtyard we are visiting belongs to a huge Spanish mansion. The area is supposed to look inviting, fun and pleasant, but instead it is abandoned and dirty. The pool had not been maintained in a very long time and because of this, vegetation invaded much of the garden, resulting in a wild and unkempt space. The dirty water, algae covered tiles, and an unattractive security fence alienated guests instead of enticing them into the water. This swimming pool transformation represented a tremendous challenge for the designers; let's see how they rectified this space…

After: a tidy and sparkling pool!

Wow! The thorough renovation of this courtyard has produced an open, clean and tidy area. The space is now beaming with natural light! Previously the pool surface was dirty, with unattractive and uneven tiles. This has been altered to a synthetic grass, which surrounds the pool giving a burst of vivid colour, while preventing moisture and potential accidents. The invasive and disorderly weeds have been removed, while an area with white river stones separates the different spaces. Additionally, the safety fence has been renewed, evoking a fresh ambience.

The changes that have been made were surprisingly low budget, but as always, they were well-defined, well planned and highly successful. 

2. Before: neglected but promising

Next we take a look an interesting and extremely promising courtyard within an old Spanish residence. Built in the seventies the space was large with a raised pool, however it required some immediate maintenance! The area is surrounded by stone, large trees and some tropical vegetation. The only issue was the level of neglect and severe lack of maintenance. 

After: a swimming pool fit for summer!

The transformation is dazzling! Beginning with the terrace the renovation was thoroughly transformed, the patio area now looks neat, tidy and far more organized.

The terrace has been raised and now suits the rest of the tiling and garden. The lower deck has been removed and a new wooden structure has been added, allowing a cool breeze in the morning. The damaged cement has been ripped up, and the new flooring is fabulously stylish. 

3. Before: a small courtyard without a pool

Number three is a courtyard without a swimming pool. Despite this garden's compact size, its layout had great potential for improvement.

The plants and vegetation has been well maintained, with decent facilities and a small shed in very good condition. However, hot afternoons demanded something a little more refreshing…

After: a new patio with a stunning pool!

The new pool is stunning! The transformation required the removal of the small corner shed, and this provided open space for the 5m x 3m swimming pool. 

A fairly simple and efficient design, this pool is very practical. The grassy area is ideal for family games, playing while the rest is left minimal and open. To save space the pool was built to the edge of the property, leaving a simple linear planter that features gorgeous ornamental plants.

4. Before: a messy and unused terrace

The next pool we are looking at is definitely in need of some help! This terrace is narrow and enclosed, and definitely doesn't enhance the potential or beauty of the space. All of this area's elements have been piled up without rhyme or reason, and this is topped off with a dirty old tub that is the opposite of inviting.

After: a neat, simple and striking space

The new space reflects light with its bright white colour scheme. Fresh and inspiring, the long deck surface is exploited to create a space that allows for various activities. The tub has been transformed into a comfortable hot tub, perfect for hot summer evenings. Along the perimeter fence an attractive white steel structure has been installed, which now brings out the colour and brightness of the natural stone.

The grill area is located next to the hot tub, along with beautiful flowerpots constructed from the same white timber. These have been placed in strategic locations to brighten the area and reflect natural light. A long white bench is a highlight of this space, and includes deck chairs that invite the courtyard's occupants to spend their time enjoying refreshing lemonade under the afternoon sun. 

5. Before and after: from traditional to modern!

For our last before & after we're taking a look at a large patio complete with an equally large swimming pool. Situated within a huge Spanish mansion, this pool was in substantially in good condition. The exterior area boasted a expansive play area, with ample recreation space, and a covered terrace. However, the pool was not living up to its full potential, and so a makeover was required. Let's see what happened…

The covered terrace in the bottom section of the image was repainted in a darker colour, while the tiles of the roof were altered as well. A seating area was furnished with wicker chairs and two comfortable lounges, while the other BBQ area was similarly restored. An outdoor dining setting was placed next to the house, and finally the pool was given a good lick of paint and filled with fresh water. 

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