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Types of Leather on Leather Sofa

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Leather furniture is a high quality piece of investment and a luxurious piece of item. Buying leather furniture can be overwhelming once you figure out what type of leather furniture you want to have. Depending on your lifestyle, there are certain types of leather that suit best for your needs. There are wide array of styles, sizes, and hues available that you can choose. With a little care and precision this wonderful piece of furniture will manifold to the beauty of your business or your home.

For home use, leather has a good advantage and a great alternative compared to fabric at home with kids. It saves more time in cleaning dirt or food because it can be easily wiped-off. A damp piece of cloth is enough to clean stains. Leather sofa is the safest sofa for children with sensitive nose, sinusitis, asthma or any allergy.

Many of us are very keen in choosing the right leather furniture to meet our desirable ideas but in some cases, some are still uncertain and needed expert advice on purchasing the best one for them. There are several kinds of leather sofa for every style and usage and defining their differences and similarities to match your basic needs for a piece of furniture would help you choose the best one for you. LocusHabitat has variants of leather sofa to offer and we can help classify below the different types of leather on leather sofa. 

Types of Leather:

Full Grain - Full-grain leather is considered among the best quality leather that can be made from a variety of different animal hides. You can actually see the natural grain pattern of the leather on the furniture. All full-grain leather are porous, their shades changes accordingly to usage & environment.  

To take care, simply dry cloth for dust, moist cloth for stains. Leather cleaner is optional, and leather creaming on full grain leather tends to darken the leather if used too frequently. Usually the user who uses the sofa will have their sweat/oil from skin & clothes to lubricate the leather. All full grain leather will feel softer when seasoned, initially hard, where split leather will be the reverse.

Split leather – One piece of calf hide can be slice into 3-4 layers. The top layer is full grain or top grain leather, where the 2nd layer and below are split. Grain pattern are artificially embossed to the leather. The back of an animal has a thicker skin, so it is “split” to create a piece of leather out of this extra thickness. Though it is real leather but it has no natural surface which has absence of the strength of top-grain leather.

Hand-rub leather – Hand-rub leather is the newest introduction to the world of leather.  It is lightly top coated with opaque sealant meant to enhance its color variances. They have 2 tone shades on them, excellent in showing off the rich contours of the sofa, especially the deep button effect on chesterfield sofa under dim ambiance lighting. The usual hand rub leather comes in 3 shades, olive green, oxford red and cigar and best for places with dim lighting.

Wax oil – Wax oil have a dark maroon/reddish shade. Traditionally found on director's chair/chairman boardroom setting. It gives a formal and classy look and feel with its glossy finishing, normally, it has a lower maintenance as the waxes and oils tend to act as a top coat protectant.

Antique - Like hand-rub and wax oil antique leather also full grain leather just that they went through different tannery process resulting in leather with different characteristic. Antique leather showoff an aged look and feel from the wrinkles / grain pattern on the leather, creating a rustic earthly feel on the furniture.

Pull Up - Similar to Antique leather, there is this leather where shade of the leather changes instantly when being pulled or stretched. It is very sensitive to usage and with environment that creates a unique feel in different set up.

Distressed Leather - Aged much faster than the rest of the leather type. Furniture with distressed leather will go through an additional process of sun baking, putting under strong sunlight to bake out the "crack lines" on the leather. Crack line is on the superficial level without affecting the integrity of the leather.

A leather sofa is the best furniture that can give you the perfect comfort when relaxing. Whenever you buy leather furniture, you must be aware of the details of the leather and the suggested ways of keeping it new. Leather furniture is natural and its characteristics will serve you for many years of enjoyment and satisfaction.