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Rochester Sofa—from Locus Habitat

Locus Habitat Locus Habitat
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This Rochester sofa from Locus Habitat is a leather sofa with traditional "wax-oil" leather. The sitting ergonomics offers a better back support due to the high back rest as compared to the traditional chesterfield sofa, this small chesterfield sofa that has the power to add character in every room.

With its classic and superior look, you can place it different kind of areas, it would be great in an office or lounge but could also potentially see it in an entry. Other designers are now mixing a small sofa and other two chairs at the dining area for a nice traditional but modern look. Could also possibly, if you have bookcases or a little library at home or in the office, this Rochester sofa would add a little coziness at the area and a very relaxing time for reading.