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Business Networking

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Business Networking in the office can help workers build personal relationships, they become part of a team and work better together. By participating in group events such as luncheons, lunches, office coffees, etc., you can develop professional relationships that benefit your job. Many business networking platforms, such as Collude, are a valuable component of your overall multidimensional strategy. If you're serious about building business relationships and developing good corporate brand recognition, you should use these platforms to their fullest extent. Here are the top four reasons why:

No one likes to be "that guy," but everybody hates the "know it all." By regularly participating in professional and community events, you can "eliminate that feeling of uncertainty and doubt." When someone like you knows what's going on, it makes them more likely to want to participate in your activities, solutions - in particular when it comes to creating business networking opportunities. Your potential customers may also be more inclined to deal with you if they feel like you're a real person. You can build a strong relationship and credibility by regularly participating in events and connecting with your peers. By being a reliable "expert" on whatever topic you choose, people will see you as an authority on your field.

To take advantage of multidimensional networking opportunities, you need to make sure you have a variety of business networking tools at your disposal. The best way to do this is to develop a full network of contacts. You don't necessarily need to meet these people in person, but when you have a variety of different connections, you have the opportunity to "sweep the floor" and reach out to as many different people as possible. This will lead you to even more networking opportunities.

Your networking in the workplace can also be made easier by using social networking sites. LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are all excellent choices for getting your name out there and reaching out to hundreds or thousands of people who may be interested in you. On LinkedIn, for example, you can add your previous job titles and educational history. You can also add photos of yourself, which is a great advantage for using social networking sites. If you have a business blog that often features articles about specific topics related to your career, you can leave posts about work-related topics on these sites and get the word out about how great you are and what you're doing.

Networking in the workplace is also a great way to get job leads through social media. For example, Facebook recently launched a new feature that allows you to see the profile of anyone you may find interesting. When you like someone's page, not only does the page come up in your news feed, but your status updates also show up on your Facebook wall. If you are linked to the person's page on Facebook, you will be able to click on their photo and see their profile. This is a quick and easy way to keep in touch with colleagues and friends you have met through networking in the past, and it helps you keep abreast of recent news about their career development.

Another terrific feature on Facebook for business professionals is the "Like" button, which lets you share information on your pages with the people on Facebook who like that particular content. When they click on the link to your page, you get job leads as well as more detailed information about them. You can even comment on their posts if you find them interesting and think they might be helpful to you and your career development efforts.

There are so many different networking opportunities available to you and your career development today, no matter what your specialty is. You can connect with new people and obtain job leads through social media sites that could be just the thing you need to jump start your career development. So make sure you're keeping an eye out for networking opportunities in your career field, and always be prepared to ask for job leads when you can.

The more professional you become at using networking in the workplace and connecting with others, the more connections and job lead you'll open up. Never know where the connections you make might lead. Networking in the workplace can never be replaced. But when you use social media sites such as Facebook to stay connected to your peers and prospects, you can always use networking to improve your professional network and help your climb up the career ladder you've always dreamed of.