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7 Ways to Take Care of the Right New Car

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A car that is well maintained will be in good condition too. Especially for the condition of a new car that has never been used. If from the beginning you have been lazy to care for it, it is very unfortunate. Usually the dealer will provide directions regarding car maintenance. Of course, everything will be adjusted to the type of your car. However, there is at least a standard maintenance method that you should know. Just follow how to care for a new car according to the dealer manual.

No wonder the sales of 4 wheels continue to rise sharply. That's why there are many new car users in Indonesia. And of course how to care for a new car will be useful information. Here are a few ways you can easily do it yourself. Caring for a car does not always have to cost a lot. Especially for a new car whose condition is still very smooth. You will usually find a manual that can be used as a reference. MechanicPicks show some ways to take care of the right new car.

Take care of your car paint

Car paint is the outer part of your car. Once the paint is stained with dirt do not delay to clean it. Use special car paint cleaners such as car shampoo. Then use a soft sponge or soft cloth. The goal is that the paint is not scuffed or scratched. If accidentally the car is exposed to chemicals, immediately clean it. Delaying cleaning only worsens the condition. Even car paint can fade or have streaks. This is a new car maintenance method that you will need to master. Often users just ignore the paint condition. Yet if cared for, car paint can last decades.

Pay attention to the oil change schedule

On a new car you will have an oil change schedule. Usually the oil change manual will still be free. For that, don't delay to change the oil when it's time. Especially if the condition of the car is used very often. Automatic work is heavier and requires more maintenance. Oil that is not replaced will hinder engine performance. If you have this, the condition of the machine can be easily damaged. Changing the oil according to the rules will make the maximum performance. In addition, the engine condition is also durable and long lasting. How to care for this second new car is simple but often underestimated. Don't forget to use only quality oil. Every dealer has an authorized oil. They already know the best standards for your vehicle. Follow the rules and the car will stay in top shape.

Take Care of Your Car Radiator

This is a way of caring for a new car that you shouldn't miss. Often users fill the radiator water with any liquid. Did you know that only clean water can be used? You can choose to use bottled water that is sold in the market. You can also use a special radiator water. The function of the radiator is to cool your car. And if you use dirty water then this is fatal. Existing dirt is very likely to clog the coolant duct. If the radiator is damaged the cost is not cheap.

Periodic Car Service

The next way to care for a new car is to adhere to the service schedule. For new cars, usually the guidebook already has a schedule. Periodic service aims to check the complete condition of the car. Oil, engine and all parts will be checked. The dealer will provide a schedule for you to arrive for service on time. The goal is to keep the engine clean. If you delay, then you torture the car. For new cars, usually the service fee is still free. This is very good savings on expenses. However, the car is in prime condition and well maintained.

Pay attention to fuel usage

The fuel issue is quite important. How to care for a new car by paying attention to fuel usage. Use the best fuel according to the condition of your car. If you choose the wrong fuel, the engine can get damaged. The work and performance of your car will also not be optimal. Only buy fuel at authorized and authentic gas stations. Buy quality fuel for maximum boost. Currently, there are several choices for the best fuel. In addition to quality, although a little expensive but more economical. If fuel consumption is economical, spending is also economical. Avoid buying fuel on the roadside. It is a secret that many naughty people mix with water. Mixed fuel will be very dangerous. Car engines can break and this is definitely not what you expect.