11 Beautiful and Unique Doors to Install in Your Home

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If you're interested in installing a unique piece in your home, why not consider installing a beautiful new door? It's not often that you see intricately designed doors, which is why a piece like this can make such a huge impact on your home. In fact, it's details like doors and windows that will make a home look more expensive and well-designed. With options like paneled wood, glass, or even steel, there are plenty of designs out there waiting for you.

And we don't have to stop at your front door—if you're looking for changes on the inside, you can look into bi-fold doors or sliding doors, even French doors. Let's take a look and see if we can find any inspiration.

1. Ultra-modern metal door

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RK Exclusive Doors

RK Pivot Door with liquid metal

RK Exclusive Doors

This door, made out of aluminum and zinc, features a three-dimensional liquid metal coating to give it a futuristic and bold look. We love the way this door looks for an ultra-modern home, and it would be the perfect front door for those of you inspired by contemporary pieces.

2. Whimsical red door

This door is cute, simple, and chic. You really can't go wrong with a boldly colored door, which will catch the attention of neighbours and guests alike. This true red color is a great option if you're going for a classic look, and it will go with most colour schemes. Against the equally simple facade of this home and potted plants, it adds a touch of whimsy.

3. Composite door with glass windows

Best Composite Doors UK | GRP Composite Front Doors Door Centre Front doors
Door Centre

Best Composite Doors UK | GRP Composite Front Doors

Door Centre

A composite door could be the solution to your problems! Composite doors are made of a few different materials in order to make for a stronger and more durable door. With the small glass windows, the simple but elegant design looks great against the home.

4. Cool mint door

#1 Traditional Composite Doors | Traditional Composite Door in UK Door Centre Front doors
Door Centre

#1 Traditional Composite Doors | Traditional Composite Door in UK

Door Centre

Mint could be an unexpected option to paint a door, but it really works here, and the colour complements the white walls inside nicely. The mail slot and single window panel add enough detail to make this door stand out.

5. Mustard London door

We can tell this is a London door; it's classic without being outdated. Unlike the bolder red and quiet mint, mustard actually comes across as a neutral here, especially against the brick walls. Keeping elements of a home, such as the outside facade, as close to the original as possible will help preserve the integrity of the house while also being a great complement to more modern upgrades. Consider refurbishing your door or 'giving it a lift' rather than replacing it.

6. Sliding wooden doors

Christopher Howard Converted Barn Door Christopher Howard Built-in kitchens Wood Wood effect
Christopher Howard

Christopher Howard Converted Barn Door

Christopher Howard

Now sliding doors are usually glass, but this is an old barn door so we're breaking the rules a bit here. You could go ahead and purchase a barn to start with, or you could do the simpler thing and have a professional install a new sliding wooden door to achieve the same effect. It's a great look even for contemporary kitchens.

7. Simple metal divider

Crittall-Style Sliding doors and screen. Urban Steel Designs Modern style doors Metal Black
Urban Steel Designs

Crittall-Style Sliding doors and screen.

Urban Steel Designs

There's nothing wrong with keeping it simple, and that's just what this example is all about. Going for a crittall style metal divider can be the perfect option for an office or other living areas that you want to keep open and light.

8. Wooden block door

Contemporary Pivot Doors, Urban Front Urban Front Front doors Wood wood, pivot, door
Urban Front

Contemporary Pivot Doors

Urban Front

This wooden door looks brilliant in this home. It's simple, but with the metal handle, it looks modern without being gaudy. A simple peephole can be a great addition to a door if you're interested in taking a look at your visitors before letting them in. This door is also much more secure than other options as it's sturdy without glass — something to consider if you're concerned about security.

9. Red glass double doors

These funky red glass doors add a light and fun twist to this home. Reasons for installing double doors? It's nice to have double doors if you have a wider door frame already, and you can complement different architectural styles than with single doors. Also, adding glass paneling will allow plenty of light in, keeping your home bright.

10. Extravagant and elegant double door

The family entrance of the villa Metaphor Interiors Front doors Wood Beige
Metaphor Interiors

The family entrance of the villa

Metaphor Interiors

We're not saying you need to opt for something extravagant, but just look at how stunning this double door is, set against glass paneling. If you're in the mood for an elegant and captivating door, this would be your best bet.

11. Intricate wood art

If you really want to wow your guests, have an artist design a door for you. Not only is this wooden door eye-catching, it's simple enough in shape to fit in any space in your home — so whether you have plenty of space or barely any at all, you'll still be able to enjoy a door like this one.

Next up? Brilliant bi-folding doors, to keep you on your toes.

What types of doors have you had in your homes and which doors would you like to install in the future? Let us know your favorite door below. 

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