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Bacoban Nebuliser: Easy to Use Dry Nebulisation Method

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Disinfecting large areas like hotels, hospitals and clinics is not an easy task. It is because these places have many hard-to-reach areas where manual disinfecting is not possible. And even cleaners clean these areas manually, they use standard disinfectant that does not provide long-lasting protection from bacteria and virus. Therefore, it becomes important to disinfect these areas with highly advanced disinfectant like Bacoban Nebuliser to keep surroundings safe and hygienic for the long time.

It is one-of-its-kind cleaning tool that cleans the large areas effectively, easily and quickly. The nebulizer contains Bacoban disinfectant that provides 99.9% protection against germs, pathogens and microorganisms. The normal disinfectant provides protection for a short time period but Bacoban Nebuliser produces a sustained effect that provides protection for as long as 10 days. Being a laboratory-tested product, the nebuliser containing Bacoban disinfectant prevents the spread of viruses and germs and eliminates the chances of spreading new infection. Disinfecting large areas like laboratories, rehab centers, hospitals, spa and bathing facilities to name a few is a matter of a few seconds with Bacoban Nebuliser.

How it Works?

This nebuliser uses heating and ionising turbine for nebulising the disinfectant. Once it is activated in a closed room, an invisible sponge-layer coating destroys bacteria, fungi, virus in a few minutes. It is a kind of dry nebulisation, therefore no moisture is produced which further eliminates the removal of sensitive objects and electronic gadgets from the area which requires cleaning.

The professional cleaning companies use Bacoban Nebuliser for cleaning the commercial spaces and they follow the necessary safety precautions. These precautions are as follows:

1.    Doors and windows remain closed during the disinfecting process.

2.    The professionals ensure that the disinfectant does not come in contact with eyes during the cleaning process. And if they feel any irritation in eyes, washing them immediately in mandatorily.

3.    The disinfectant needs to keep away from the reach of children.

So, if you sincerely feel that your office or hospital requires highly effective cleaning solution, you can purchase the nebuliser and perform the disinfectant process.  Else, you can call professionals offering industry-standard cleaning solution with Bacoban Nebuliser.  In both the cases, you will get the best results.

Bacoban Nebuliser

Bacoban Nebuliser

Bacoban Nebuliser

Bacoban Nebuliser