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Easy ways to improve your garden privacy

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It's the age old question: how do you enjoy your outside space without giving up your privacy? As soon as the sun comes out you might be tempted to get into the garden but it can really put a dampener on things if you are exposed to all of your neighbours.

We've come up with some great ways that you can enjoy some fresh air without feeling as though you are on display, from adding external blinds to your own home to planting beautiful, tall hedges. We think we've found a solution for everyone so take a look and see what you think will work best for your outdoor space. Then grab your bathing suit and make the most of whatever's left of the good weather!

1. Go for something a little more organic

While high walls are a great way to ensure your garden privacy, they can be a little monolithic and run the risk of making you unpopular with the neighbours. 

Wooden garden fencing is a softer, more natural alternative that most people will find suitably attractive.

2. Add some blinds to your windows

It's not just your neighbours that you might want a little privacy from so, if you don't want to distract anyone inside the house, have a think about adding external blinds to your garden-facing windows.

If you have summerhouses or outbuildings, they're also a good addition there!

3. Build your walls high

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Lush Garden Design

A low-maintenance entertaining space

Lush Garden Design

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best so when you have privacy concerns, why not build your walls as high as you dare? 

Be sure to check building and planning regulations first though and have a chat with your neighbours to ensure they're ok with your idea.

4. Go potty for oversized planters

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Objetos de diseño y muebles


Large planters are a great way to add a little style and privacy to your outside space, especially if you choose to embed tall growing varieties of plants and trees in them.

The added bonus is that this is a movable and adaptable solution!

5. Let the plants do all the hard work

If you have the space and a suitably green thumb you can essentially plant some tall growing varieties of blooms and let them thicken out, thereby creating a private little haven for you.

We think this space is perfect and any nosey parkers would be too busy gazing at the plants to notice little old you!

6. Combine some construction and cultivated greenery

If you like the idea of green walls but don't necessarily have the patience to wait for them to grow, you can combine instant privacy with the potential for some beautiful nature. 

Build your garden walls then plant climbers and creepers at the base of them. You'll be shocked at how quickly they take and multiply!

7. Pergolas are perfect for privacy

If you want some privacy but don't need to block off your entire garden, why not consider something a little smaller and more targeted, like a pergola? 

You can easily encourage climbers to grow up them to increase the shade and enclosed feel they offer and they can go up in just a day.

8. Now for something different

We don't assume that this will become the norm but mirrored wall panels on your house will add no end of privacy whilst also making your garden feel bigger than it is. 

We suggest keeping the reflective surfaces quite high up so anyone having a peek in will come face-to-face with themselves!

For more garden privacy inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 16 Garden Fences Your Neighbour Would Definitely Copy.

How are you planning to improve your garden privacy?

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