Transparent Furniture Style Guide: 14 Trendy Ideas

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Station Rd, New Barnet, Jigsaw Interior Architecture Jigsaw Interior Architecture Modern living room Beige
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Have you ever wanted a truly unique piece of furniture in your home? Sometimes it's the more unusual pieces that can make the most sense in our home. Transparent furniture is a great way to give a home a more modern look and 'trick the eye' into seeing less clutter. Materials like acrylic, glass, and plastic are all fair game — and you could use these pieces to display other decor beneath the surface.

If you're looking for a modern way to keep your home open and bright, then take a look at this guide of the best transparent furniture.

1. Avant-garde

Glass Table Commission - Ocean Wave Table Visage Glass Group Sp.zo.o Built-in kitchens Glass Turquoise kitchen lighting,kitchen worktop,glass table,designer table,residence glass,ocean glass,natural furniture
Visage Glass Group Sp.zo.o

Glass Table Commission —Ocean Wave Table

Visage Glass Group Sp.zo.o

For an avant-garde look in your home, opt for a piece of transparent furniture with some flair, or, in this case, a touch of colour. The transparent blue table makes this room feel chic and modern without being too stuffy.

2. Geometric

The Edge by Gusto Homes at the Lincolnshire Showground, KAS Interior Design KAS Interior Design Modern living room
KAS Interior Design

The Edge by Gusto Homes at the Lincolnshire Showground

KAS Interior Design

Want to change up the status quo? Going for an unexpected geometric shape like this coffee table can be a very cool, understated look for a living room. The transparency of the coffee table widens the smaller room.

3. Classic

Transparent furniture doesn't always have to be innovative. This glass coffee table doesn't look too modern with its black borders, and it does its job well. Sometimes simple is best!

4. Showcase

Transparent furniture is always an opportunity to showcase something else. In this living room, a glass fireplace steals the show — this is a more contemporary take on a fireplace that a professional could help you out with recreating.

5. Artsy

Living Room in Holland Park Apartment Decorbuddi Classic style living room Blue

Living Room in Holland Park Apartment


Glass furniture always looks at home in the living room. If you want to create the illusion of extra space in your living room while also having the convenience of a coffee table, consider a transparent table made of glass or acrylic. The classic rectangular shape goes well with the artsy vibe of this room.

6. Airy

Living - Dining room gdp interiors Modern living room
gdp interiors

Living—Dining room

gdp interiors

For a bright and airy room, consider transparent furniture like this small glass table. Perfect for having a snack or having friends for a chat, this table looks effortlessly cool.

7. Structured

Dining Room with Teak table base HOMEREDI Modern dining room Glass White

Dining Room with Teak table base


If you want to go for that 'wow' factor, consider a glass table with a wooden base. This table looks incredibly modern with its wooden base, which is displayed beneath the glass top. Guests will love the look of this unique piece.

8. Simple

For a simple workstation that won't seem cluttered or dull, try out a glass desk. We love the way this glass desk looks for a smaller office, where space is limited, or a larger space, where it will look modern and understated.

9. Neutral

When you're furnishing an otherwise neutral room, throwing in a piece like a transparent table can help to spice things up. This glass coffee table with black borders looks fun in this room, where neutrals help to tone down the contemporary look of the coffee table.

10. Bold

If you're going to get a bold piece like transparent furniture, then you may as well go bold throughout! This home looks elevated and chic with its artsy vibe, and the glass table really blends into the structure of the room.

11. Fun

Acrylic Swivel Chair Woodquail BedroomAccessories & decoration

Acrylic Swivel Chair


For a fun take on a normal chair, go for transparent acrylic! This bright orange lights up any room — it's the perfect pick for a child's room.

12. Versatile

'Cooler' Translucent stackable patio chair by Scab Design homify Garden Furniture

'Cooler' Translucent stackable patio chair by Scab Design


When you want something simple or you're not sure if you'll replace your chairs in the future, then acrylic is a great option. These acrylic kitchen chairs are also pretty versatile and durable too — a smart option for families!

13. Retro

Richmond Full House Refurbishment, A1 Lofts and Extensions A1 Lofts and Extensions Minimalist kitchen
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Richmond Full House Refurbishment

A1 Lofts and Extensions

Is there anything more cool than this hanging bubble chair? Yes, it's made of acrylic, meaning it's long-lasting and easy to replace. Plus, it's the ultimate option for the modern home!

14. Stackable

Sometimes you need stackable chairs handy — for guests or parties — and acrylic chairs are versatile enough to fit the bill.

Let's take a look at neomodern architecture next, shall we?

Would you put transparent furniture into your home to make it look more modern?

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