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How strange is it that we can spend hours on end choosing what to wear and yet so often don't put any thought into where we keep our clothes? Of course wardrobes can be pretty as well as functional, but they don't ever seem to offer enough space do they? There must be a better way to store clothes and shoes, which will also add something special to a property… well there is!

Take a look at these amazing walk in wardrobe examples and be prepared to be overcome with inspiration for your next interior project.

Fine living

We have so much wardrobe envy right now! Everything in this utterly amazing example from Alvic has been designed and created with the client in mind, from designated handbag compartments through to handy drawers, a luxury rug and even a chair in the corner for appreciative opinion givers to relax on. The structure and order of this space gives it a modern feel, with the vast amount of whiteness only being broken up by a thin black surround on each individual installation. The monochromatic scheme at play here helps to maintain a quiet elegance in what could easily become an overly opulent room.

Wonderful wood

Let's not forget that walk in wardrobes are not only for women. If you are going to be sharing a dressing room, it stands to reason that consideration must be given to both parties' design preferences and we cannot think of a better compromise than wall to wall wood. This picture shows just how glorious wooden furniture can be, with all different shades and types working harmoniously together to create something that just exudes easy elegance and calm order and with a side for each person, you need never have to worry about clothing being scattered on the floor. A place for everything and everything in its place!

Smaller dimensions

You don't need to have an entire room free for repurposing as a walk in wardrobe to take advantage of useful built in storage. In fact, all you really need is a free corner in your bedroom! We love this elegant installation that is essentially three wardrobes all connected and finished in a fabulous dark wood. Useful shelving and drawers offer security for jewellery and other small trinkets, while the curtains affixed to the inside of the doors offer privacy and protection from sun damage. The perfect solution for smaller properties, we love the feeling of luxury this gives!

Space in spades

Walk in Wardrobe homify Dressing roomWardrobes & drawers

Walk in Wardrobe


For truly expansive properties, what could be better than a walk in wardrobe on a colossal scale, such as this one? The perfect installation for fashion fanatics that are unable to turn down a bargain, there is a wealth of usable space for every conceivable item of clothing. Shoes, dresses and accessories can all be comfortably and securely housed here, as well as handy items you may not have previously thought of, such as an iron and ironing board. There's even room for a trouser press, so now there will be no excuses for not having perfectly pressed clothes!

Perfectly petite

In the case of walk in wardrobes size really isn't everything; functionality is! Though this corridor installation  may look a little cramped, imagine trying to fit all of the clothing and accessories contained here into a standard wardrobe. The task would be gargantuan, not to mention unsuccessful. Given the right storage options however, all of these items fit comfortably and can be seen and identified easily, making for a smoother morning routine, tidier bedroom and more organised life. We particularly like the low shoe shelving as you could flick out your favourite pair with your toes, rather than bending down!

Mirror magic

Of course, in any walk in wardrobe you are going to want and need at least one mirror, but what if you could use it for more than just admiring yourself? That's exactly what has happened in this example, whereby the mirror is being used to give the appearance of a much bigger space. A relatively small dressing room, the mirror effectively widens it and prevents it from feeling too enclosed or claustrophobic. The window is serving a similar function and helps to turn this diminutive but functional room into a little luxury installation.

Modern marvel

To anyone that likes a clean and well ordered wardrobe, this is the perfect closet for you. Literally every facet has been thought out, with shoe racks at the bottom, accessories at waist height, a section for long dresses and trousers and a separate rail for shorter items all working together to create the perfect walk in wardrobe. Order and fashion are truly walking (the runway) hand in hand here and we particularly like the minimal finish to all the shelving and drawers. No extraneous detailing has been added so that the clothing can speak for itself. Now that really is a fashionista's dream!

Personality rocks

There are no rules when it comes to interior design. There are rules when it comes to structure and building regulations, but how you choose to decorate and live in your home is up to you. With this in mind, why not consider a walk in wardrobe that is reminiscent of a curiosities shop, with trinkets hanging everywhere, clothing folded on mismatched shelving and shoes being displayed in fish tanks? Eclectic design and personality driven properties make for really interesting and intriguing inspiration, so let your imagination run wild and strive for your perfect dream home, no matter how wacky it sounds!

Perfect partners

A walk in wardrobe really can be a fashion lover's best friend, allowing for clear and concise organisation or dramatic and daring displays. How you choose to store your clothes is entirely up to you, but we can't help but feel that this fantastic wall organiser would be the perfect addition to any dressing room. Ideal for a single person with a lot of belongings, this unit would also work well in a family home, with partners taking half each and filling it as they see fit. The neutral tone of the unit itself is perfect as it helps to blend the piece into the background, allowing the contents to really take centre stage, which is the whole point!

Room with a view

We've truly saved one of the best examples of a walk in wardrobe for last haven't we? Not only does the room split to create two autonomous sides, the inclusion of a huge window allows for natural light to pour in, letting you to really gauge what you look like in your chosen ensemble. The square stool is a fun addition that will allow impatient partners to take a seat while they enjoy what looks to be an absolutely beautiful view. A calm, considered and incredibly light space, we can't deny wanting it in our own houses!

For more dressing room inspiration, take a look at this ideabook: 6 modern dressing room ideas.

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