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Unusual uses of leather upholstery

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IMAGO DESIGN Living roomSofas & armchairs
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Leather upholstery is a material guaranteed to make your home feel classy. Whether you choose to cover your cushions in classic blacks, traditional browns or modern whites, you are assured of attaining a sense of taste and splendour in your room. Leather is no longer just for cushions or sofas and no longer confined to more classic furniture pieces. Contemporary designers are becoming bolder with their choices of leather upholstery—adorning beds and coffee tables, even flooring and stair banisters, with this sassy material.

Versatility is certainly one of the key advantages of leather. As a material it's available in so many bold colours, although here we will see the more usual tones of black, brown and white. It fits into almost any décor; a cosy family home, a grand estate dwelling or modern penthouse. Any time, any place, leather can still be your best upholstery choice. 

Stylish L-shape

A cosy family home whilst retaining a tasteful atmosphere of modern design. This is a place that is equally comfortable as a family living room or an entertaining space for friends. The L-shaped sofa is is the real focal point of this room, with its light brown leather emanating chic design and family comfort. Blue and cream cushions are lovely accent colours against this brown tone, adding an extra dimension of modern design. 

Crafty and comfortable

This low lying chair is a lovely stand alone piece, that could blend well into almost any contemporary atmosphere, whether it be bedroom, living room or conservatory. The black metal structure supports the cushioned seat, elegantly crossing over the bottom one another to create a steady balance. Although this chair has a low back, it's padded enough to still be a comfortable seat; one which takes up little space. This is a chair perfect for a minimalistic setting. 

Contemporary space

Photography - barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth Adelina Iliev Photography Modern media room
Adelina Iliev Photography

Photography—barn conversion in Sawbridgeworth

Adelina Iliev Photography

This is a really interesting room. It's the upper floor of a lovely barn conversion; recreated as a completely modern and sophisticated space. This room, with it's low walls and glass panels creating the effect of a balcony, hosts a simple L-shaped sofa and wooden coffee table. And this is the interesting thing: there's no more furniture in this room. It's designed to completely focus those using the space to either have that quiet moment of relaxation, or to do what is so often ignored these days, and have real conversation (without looking at the television!) And there's no better place to have such intimacy than on a beautiful, comfortable leather sofa. The choice of that creamy, brown leather really complements the wooden floor, too. 

Modern meets classical

The fusion between traditional home design and the contemporary movement is becoming increasingly popular. Here, we see it done absolutely beautifully. The designer has taken many ideas from the classic, English country home (such as the low hanging light fixtures, the leather armchairs, the beams across the ceiling) and mixed them with more modern designs. The lighting is a great example of this; with these large, glass structures encased within metal circles—a real, contemporary design, yet managing to imitate traditional chandeliers. And the stunning, brown leather armchairs truly bring this room to life with their old world charm and welcome. There could be nothing more delightful than leaning back into one of those chairs, feeling the warmth of the fire on your face and closing your eyes for a gentle, well-deserved nap. 

Coffee culture

Harrod's Court Anna Casa Modern living room
Anna Casa

Harrod's Court

Anna Casa

This leather design is one of the more unusual that we will come across. Take your eyes away from the sofas, because the leather isn't there. Instead, the designer has been much more creative and given the coffee table the room's quota of leather upholstery. Its button tufted surface may not be ideal for balancing mugs of coffee or glasses of wine, but the elegant image which it brings to the room is totally worth it. And the deep brown leather was a great choice for this room, with its otherwise cream and off-white tones: it really stands out as the main focal point of the room. 


Comfort & Style with Leather Sofa Locus Habitat Living roomSofas & armchairs
Locus Habitat

Comfort & Style with Leather Sofa

Locus Habitat

Nothing says grand and traditional living like these brown leather sofas. The shine on these sofas just shouts regal design: as if they could be in the home of a Queen and not be out of place. The claw feet which supports the main body and cushions is just another touch of traditional design; a beautiful detail that adds something uniquely special to these sofas. The browns and creams work stunningly together, highlighting one another in turn and really showing one another off. 

Button tufted bed

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed homify BedroomBeds & headboards

Arthur Tall Faux Leather Bed


Your bedroom may not be the first place you would think to have leather furniture. And upholstering your bed? What an unusual idea! But designers here have really pulled it off, with this magnificent brown leather, button tufted bed. The head board is the main feature which really stands out in the design, rising high above the pillows and making its way up the wall. One downside of this bed, though: you'll never want to leave it! 

Bespoke banister

Leather Handrail in Marylebone refurbishment Hide and Stitch Corridor, hallway & stairsStairs
Hide and Stitch

Leather Handrail in Marylebone refurbishment

Hide and Stitch

Take a longer look at this banister and you'll realise why the design is so simply stunning. Its curved, oval handrail is finished in a charming, dove grey leather; a truly unique and elegant detail. The designer has really put a great deal of thought and skilled talent into this staircase, as you'll find none other like it in the design world. Beautifully finished, right down to the tiniest details, this is truly a stairway to heaven. 

Walk-in wonder

Leather Floored Walk-In Wardrobe homify Modern dressing room

Leather Floored Walk-In Wardrobe


Here we have another gorgeously unique design detail; a black leather floor. Walk-in wardrobes are an elegant statement of stylish sophistication, a real way to say your home is utterly enviable. Here, the bright lights encircling the floor and shining down from the tops of shelves, light it up in an unusual and practical way, working beautifully to reflect the original design flooring. You can see the shine of the leather glowing on the floor and from the mirror, making this one of the most interesting walk-in wardrobes you will ever see. 

Office designs

Leather desk and leather fronted cupboard doors Hide and Stitch Study/officeDesks
Hide and Stitch

Leather desk and leather fronted cupboard doors

Hide and Stitch

You won't mind sitting down to work in the mornings at this desk; rather you'll be itching to sit down and start each day. Leather topped and well maintained, the dark brown tone shines in the sunlight, shedding images of elegance and class. The colour works particularly well in this room, as it matches the woodwork surrounding the fireplace and the panel behind the television. 

Did any of these leather ideas fill you with inspiration? Let us know in the comments, below!

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