11 fun ways to create a garden your kids will love

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The Tentsile Stingray Tentsile Garden Swings & play sets
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You could have gotten away with a chic grown up garden if it wasn't for those pesky kids! On a more serious note, encouraging your little ones to enjoy getting outside into the fresh air is invaluable so while you might be thinking about making sure you have a lot of safety features in place, such as pool covers and hose wall brackets, don't forget about the fun!

Kids love to play, lark around and have fun in the garden so why not think about adding in some brilliant optional extras that will stimulate their playtime even more? We think we've found some great ideas for every garden and every budget but don't take our word for it. Show your kids and see which things they say don't 'suck'!

1. Don't be boring and buy a lame ground tent

The Tentsile Stingray Tentsile Garden Swings & play sets

The Tentsile Stingray


Duh! Don't you know that the latest craze are these amazing suspended stingray tents from Tentsile? You do now! They can be strung up between trees and will fully support the weight of your kids. If you're nervy, just suspend them a little closer to the ground.

2. The always classic tree swing

Brave Monkey Swing twisting Brave Toys Garden Swings & play sets
Brave Toys

Brave Monkey Swing twisting

Brave Toys

We all played on them as kids and we don't see the popularity of tree swings slowing down any time soon. Fabulously cheap but guaranteed to keep your little ones occupied for hours, we don't think you can go wrong with this option and you can always make your own from an old tyre. Dad would be proud!

3. This is an adult-free zone!

Bayberry Playhouse In French Alps Selwood Products Ltd Garden Swings & play sets
Selwood Products Ltd

Bayberry Playhouse In French Alps

Selwood Products Ltd

Tiny little summerhouses make great club dens where adults aren't allowed, unless they are bringing snacks and drinks! Know your place grown ups and leave the kids to rule the roost in a little house they can call their own.

4. It's tiring work being a kid these days

Hammock, Natural L230xW85 cm, woodbars Ø4xL71 cm Bloomingville Garden Swings & play sets

Hammock, Natural L230xW85 cm, woodbars Ø4xL71 cm


For a truly kid-friendly garden we think you need to include a number of spots where they can take a nap and get some rest. Even big kids need to take time out of the sun and let's be honest, we all love a hammock. Hilarious to try and get into, comfy once you are in them, they are the perfect nap solution!

5. There's nothing wrong with a little bit of spoiling

Arlington Deluxe Climbing Frame Keith Stenhouse Climbing Frames UK Garden Swings & play sets
Climbing Frames UK

Arlington Deluxe Climbing Frame Keith Stenhouse

Climbing Frames UK

Your kids are your pride and joy so if you know they would go crazy for a proper play set, why not splash out? Slides, swings and climbing walls will all keep them happily amused and you might even be able to get that reading done, which you keep promising yourself.

6. What about a lot of spoiling?

If you like the idea of a play set but hate the thought of a plastic, modern set-up that won't go with your home or garden, we hate to tell you this but you can have something totally custom made. Imagine being able to create a smaller version of your house, filled with added fun? You'd never get the kids back in for their dinner!

7. You might have the next David Beckham on your hands

Embrace your kid's sporting ambitions and you never know, you might have a professional athlete taking care of you in your old age! Foldable goal posts are a fantastic way to support a little football practice and can be easily stored in a shed or garage when you're done.

8. Make everything personal

You know how much kids love to assert themselves and claim dominion over anything smaller than they are? So, why not actually put their names on play sets, swings and other fun garden additions? That way they'll feel very special and hopefully take better care of things.

9. Let the games begin!

Whether you have a giant chessboard, croquet, hula hoops or a giant Jenga set in the garden, games are a fantastic way to bring the whole family together. Kids love to play outside and anything oversized is automatically more fun. We won't tell them that they're actually learning if you won't!

10. Let your kids be tree dwellers

We're not suggesting that you encourage your little ones to become tree huggers that never wash but if you build a super cool treehouse, they will definitely take a keen interest in getting outside more often. Don't forget that this is for the kids though so don't be offended if you're reminded that the treehouse is a parent-free zone!

11. It's not just for bath time!

Water Feature and Stone Spheres Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Water Feature and Stone Spheres

Earth Designs

Your kids might not love getting in the bath but for some reason they are all always drawn to water features. So, why not get a child-safe fountain installed in your garden? At least you'll have a chance of them getting wet and coming in a little cleaner than they went out!

For more fun garden inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Fun Treehouse Designs For Children.

Are you always trying to encourage your kids to play outside? Which of these ideas might tempt them? Let us know in the comments!

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