5 Thrilling Garden Transformations

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CC|arquitectos Rustic style pool
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Swimming pools are a luxury home addition that many of us can only dream of so what a shame it is when they go wrong. When old pools have been left to degrade and turn a little less than sanitary, the visual impact they have is still big but for all the wrong reasons.

We've found some great before and after pool transformations that we think will not only inspire you to keep thinking about installing one for yourself, but might even give you the nudge you need to renovate an existing but neglected one.

Take a deep breath, we're going in!

1. Before: No pool at all

Well, this is a shocking state of affairs. There is no pool at all yet. Just a sad, little unused corner of lawn.

We are loving the zingy yellow plaster work though and can already get a feel for how at home a luxe pool will look. Once designed and installed, that is.

1. After: Utterly charming

It's not the size of the pool that matters but how you use it and we imagine this little delight is in use every single day.

The surrounding flower beds add a nice secluded feel and we get the impression this is very much a family-friendly installation. What a treat to be able to teach your little ones to swim here!

2. Before: The thought is there

This isn't the worst pool we have ever seen by a long chalk but is does just look a little, well, grubby. 

Hardly what you want to see when you look out of a window. We can't imagine anyone being enthusiastic about taking the plunge and diving into this!

2. After: All kinds of yes!

What a beautiful transformation the professionals at Acertus has pulled off.

Thoroughly cleaned and spruced up, the pool looks almost brand new and we love how the enclosure has been enlarged and astro turfed. This now looks like the pool at Barbie's Malibu dream house!

3. Before: The landscaping lets it down

We think the pool is actually quite pretty, especially with the rustic edging stones. The rest of the space, however, is so drab that is sucks all the luxury out of what should be a real treat.

You don't want to have to mooch down a concrete driveway to enjoy some pool time, do you?

3. After: Paradise found

Ah, now this is a far more enticing scene! Gone is the sad setting and now we see a tropical haven that simply oozes class, sophistication and outrageous luxury.

The design team have really taken local foliage into account with this design and the terrace looks perfect for a little après swim snack time.

4. Before: The terrace that time forgot

This is less of a pool area and more of a dumping ground, with discarded toys, plants and debris just sitting here collecting dust.

Even if the pool was operational we don't think we'd fancy taking a dip, regardless of how blue the sky was!

4. After: Whitewashed and wonderful

That's much better! Gone is all the detritus and what's left is a sweet little pool and sunbathing area that anyone would love to use. 

A coat of white paint and some new fencing has done wonders and, by boxing the pool in with some decking, it looks beautifully enclosed. All the plumbing is hidden too!

5. Before / After: In need of a little tidy up

In principle, this pool isn't as shabby as some of the others but it did need a good tidy up and some additional seating added. We think the finished product is far more high end and inviting.

Levelling out the floor has made a huge difference and, far from detracting from the stunning views now, this terrace-top pool looks every inch the Mediterranean dream!

For more renovation inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Scruffy Home Gets a Swanky Update.

Which transformation did you find most inspiring?

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