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10 beautiful wooden houses

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The wooden house: yay or nay? Well, if you’re thumbs-up for timber-constructed residences, you are not alone, as a lot of architects, designers, and homeowners rely on wood when it comes to houses. 

Wood looks impressive, is beautiful, and very convenient. Wooden houses are durable, and since wood is available in a range of different looks and colours, it is a very fitting choice for construction. 

But let’s delve a bit deeper into the magnificent feature that is the wooden house by looking at some prime examples, plus finding out a bit more about this tried-and-tested material.

1. Timbered logs

The main advantage of a wooden log house is its short construction time. However, a close second benefit is that raw beauty that is projected by a sturdy and striking log cabin, as can be seen above, courtesy of Royal Wood.

Building a log cabin doesn’t always mean nailing those big wooden beams together; special notching logs, by means of cutting, can also be used to attach and then glue the logs to each other to assemble a quaint and fantastic log house. 

However, with the sweet comes the sour; log houses require regular maintenance to withstand shrinkage and cracking from harsh weather conditions.

2. Perfect with planks

Even though it is still undeniably wood, a house built with planks has a neater and tidier appearance for those who don’t admire the rustic, rural style that much. In addition, wooden planks, when structured and connected correctly, present more advantages: 

• They can withstand the elements and won’t crack at the first sign of a rainstorm. 

• High levels of noise- and heat insulation. 

• Their light, dusty colour means you don’t have to apply paint if you don’t want to, ensuring a neat and neutral appearance.

3. Wood maintenance

Upkeep is part and parcel of a wooden house, planks or logs, yet your climate is a big deciding factor. A warm climate will require that mineral oil be applied to the wood every year; a cold climate about every 2-3 years. 

The interiors need to receive a treatment every 5-6 years, which is not so bad considering that you don’t need to update the paintwork as regularly as you would to a concrete-clad room, for example.

4. Where rustic meets modern

Rural logs too much for you? Then consider the beauty of creative thinkers that can combine the simplicity of the modern style with the charming appeal of rustic design. 

Our house above is all sleek and slim on top, yet charismatic and picturesque on the bottom. Working the contrast theme quite well, this house combines glass balustrades with huge, thick log railings, and expertly polished wood with raw and natural logs, and it all works superbly.

Would this style work for you?

5. Mixing and matching

Opting for rounded shapes does not mean natural tree logs are your only option. Technology and tools help us to achieve any look we want, from rigid rectangles to swirly edges. 

Seen above is a variety of different shapes and structures that can be achieved with the right equipment. From railings and decks to pillars and repeating cornice brackets, the correct tools can produce any shape imaginable to help that timber house look as rural and rustic or sleek and modern as you wish.

6. The minimalist style

The minimalist- and modern styles are quite fond of the type of design seen in our image above: a gigantic wooden rectangle that serves as the outer frame, with the interior rooms and accompanying spaces all appearing inside. 

Douglas fir and Canadian cedar are two very popular types of wood for these designs, which are quite common in Canada and the US.

7. A country character

‘Simple’ and ‘practical’ are two traits that are synonymous with the country style. And since wood can be easily customised to fit just about any shape, it is a very popular choice for country houses.  

In our image, above, large windows and a tiled roof add a modern air to this typical farmhouse-type style, which is commonly found in the style realm of American country houses.

8. A mountain cabin

Fancy a mountainous landscape as your neighbourhood? This style is loved by many people, and with good reason.

See our example, above: a raised stone foundation that adds height and texture; spacious balconies and quaint roof shingles; glass balustrades for a nice modern touch; and panelled timber decorating the eaves. Overall a friendly house that emits a look of strength and style. 

Speaking of cabin, treat yourself to: The crazy cabin by the lake.

9. The beauty of modern style

Thick frames that make up the walls and roof, elegantly hugging those gigantic window panes from floor to ceiling – don’t you just love the modern style? Our example above shows a residence that is unapologetic about its design, with a strong linear vision and warm neutral colours.

Just see that striking terrace that is just the right amount of spacious and snug – true luxury has never looked this good.

10. Additional considerations

Does a wooden house sound like the perfect dream home? Be sure to abide by the rules that come with constructing (and living in) a timber house. 

Wood upkeep and treatment are important, both before and during construction, for unwanted elements like fungi and pesticides. Electrical wiring is, like always, a huge factor that should be left in the hands of a professional electrician

But the hard work and thorough research will be so worth the results, seeing that wooden houses are regarded as very human- and environmentally friendly, with a rather constant interior humidity level between 45-55%. 

So, in addition to keeping a cool head and doing your homework, enjoy that fantastic wooden house – and being the envy of your neighbourhood!

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