Exquisite Detail or Simplistic Style: Sash Windows Give Personality and Style

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Sash windows combine modern engineering and design to give homes an aesthetic and appealing look. Whether it is repairs or installation of new windows, sash windows are a wonderful option for homeowners. Repair A Sash offers a dedicated and professional team of timber door and window specialists who can execute the job flawlessly. Sash windows, when designed appropriately, preserve the original design of homes while soundproofing them efficiently. Homes with sash windows are energy efficient and stylish.

Arched Sash Windows

Arched Sash Windows are not only elegant but they add a touch of class to any building. In this case, the brick wall contrasts the beauty of the stark white windows. These curved windows are a prominent feature in many Georgian and Victorian homes.

Matching Aesthetics

Sash windows may be designed to suit the overall design of the property. In this case, the simple window fits the space to a ‘T’. The simplistic design adds to beauty without interfering with the overall aesthetics of this space. Unlike traditional designs, these sash windows may be designed to suit the requirements of the homeowners.

Sash Windows with Planter Boxes

Even the simplest of designs can add a touch of flair to any property. The look of simple sash windows that insulate a home effectively, can be enhanced by adding planter boxes on the outside. The colours that come with the plants will give a dramatic touch to the appearance of the property. Further, the modernity of the sash windows will keep things simple and minimalistic.

Modern and Minimalistic Venetian Sash Design

The sash windows in this room are simplistic but work well with the overall design. When it comes to picking the right look for your home, there are several colours or finishes to choose from. In this case, a modern and simplistic look within the home demands a clean and clutter-free look, The sash windows reflect the contemporary design theme perfectly.

Classic Sash Window Bay

Stunning views require equally spectacular seating arrangements. The window and door specialists have custom designed a sash window bay that does justice to the beautiful views outside. There are several timber types to choose from and whether you pick Accoya, Sapele, Engineered Redwood, or Oak, the finish and the quality of design is impeccable.

Double Hung Sash Windows

Small spaces require clever thinking and creative design. This is a wonderful example of using a double-hung sash window in a small space. Attics or small bathrooms can be fitted with such windows where both the sashes can be moved. The design of such a sash window (as it can be tilted) allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

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