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The winter nights will be drawing in soon; the sun setting that little bit earlier and the evening becoming colder. But we're not quite there yet, with the rest of September and some mild October nights left to enjoy. So let's enjoy those earlier setting suns and crisp chill in the air from the beautiful vantage point of your garden. Even when the nights get cold it's no real issue. Snuggle up with a jumper and cosy under a blanket; your garden could be a the heart of your home still or the setting for a romantic date.

But you don't want to be sitting in the pitch black, knocking over wine or hot chocolate. Instead, add some lighting to your garden—particularly across the decking area. Pay special attention to the decking, as it will be where you spend the majority of your time in the garden. It's where friends gather or families relax together. It's the place that needs to be lit to suit your needs, somewhere you feel comfortable and at ease. Garden decking lights can really transform your garden into a space of peace and calm.

Surrounding lights

This decking is a wonderful use of the small space available. It runs lengthways along the wall of the house, and is framed by contemporary, straight-edged pots in front of the garden wall. The bamboo that backs the dining area makes the space seem taller, more elegant. The decking lighting itself comes from all around. There is a beautiful lamp hanging above the simple dining furniture, shedding a clean white light downwards. But to save the lighting from any harshness, extra smaller lights have been installed, both in the plant pots and on the house wall. This makes the decking feel more intimate, a truly lovely place to spend the cooling evenings. 

Lavish lighting

Not all of us may have a hot tub in our back garden, but we can take the other lavish designs of this garden and apply it to our own homes. Take in the details, and you can recreate a garden of elegance and style. The decking is really expansive, coming out from the French double doors and right out into the garden, where steps lead down into the grass area. The lighting, though, is what is most successful in this design. They take up no space on the decking, leaving it bare for garden parties or gatherings, and is instead fitted into the roof overhang. They beam down subtly yet brightly, giving the decking an air of sophistication.

Elegant simplicity

Certainly a smaller space from what the image offers, but one whose had its space utilised beautifully. It's a lovely balcony decking; a real urban garden. The seating area is cushioned and cosy, with cream coloured wicker seats adorned with dove grey pillows. The lighting really adds to the atmosphere of elegance and simplicity, with tiny bulbs spaced evenly across the overhanging roof. Just small pinpricks of light to create the chic, urban vibes that this decked balcony exudes. 

Fluorescent fun

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Installation in Kent. homify Modern garden

Outdoor Living Pod, Louvered Roof Patio Canopy Installation in Kent.


Garden decking lights come not only all shapes and sizes, but also all colours. What we see here is a really individual decking area, lit by spectacular purple and coral fluorescent lights. The decking itself is quite dark, with the timber matching the darker garden furniture. This works well with the lighting, though, as fluorescent bulbs can be very bright, perhaps too bright when reflecting on whites or lighter tones. Purple tubes run across the roofing area of the decking, sheltering it from the rain and the dark.

An understated glow

Now here's a very unusual piece of garden decking. Firstly, as you can see from that stunning skyline view, it's a contemporary roof garden. A little slice of peace and relaxation above the hustle and bustle of the city. The decking itself is a circular construction,  placed in the heart of a charming rock garden. But on the outer edges of the decking is the really unusual feature of this garden; the ring of light that encircles the seating area. The lighting is fixed in a ring around the decking, creating a lovely warm glow from beneath the feet of those sitting back in their garden, making the most out of their view. 

Calming candles

Again we see another relatively small decking space utilising the area it has to the full. A comfortable outdoor sofa is strategically placed at an angle in the corner, with plenty of cushions to cosy into. The dark grey wicker of the sofa matches the outdoor coffee table, where we find the home of this garden's decking lights. Candles are such a great way to light any space, and if you're fortunate enough to have a dry evening they could be the perfect way to light your garden decking. Nothing is more romantic or cosy than a night cuddled under a blanket, candles flickering and casting wavering shadows into the garden. 

Home decking

This space beautifully merges the outdoor garden with the interior of the house. It doesn't quite fit into either; it's glass doors (which take up almost all of the walls) can be slid back to open the room out into the garden, or they can be pulled shut and the curtains closed, making it feel like a solid part of the house itself. But as it occupies and becomes both of these two spaces—interior and exterior—it's a great example of innovative decking lighting. The wooden flooring imitates the idea of decking, and in fact merges into garden decking past the glass. The lighting is absolutely stunning in this room too, with that gorgeous focal point cage lantern above the dining  table.

Intimate spaces

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent Earth Designs Modern garden
Earth Designs

Party garden in Sevenoaks, Kent

Earth Designs

The decking in this garden is used as a pathway between the house, outside dining area and the garden itself. The garden furniture is constructed from a natural wood, with the knots and grain remaining throughout—adding a wonderful air of character to the area. The decking lighting also gives this smaller garden space a lovely, intimate atmosphere. The lights shine at angles from both the house wall and the garden wall, lighting the dining area beautifully. After all, you need to see where the wine glasses are!

Suburban sparks

There is nothing you could want more in a suburban, family home than a roof top garden, particularly one completed covered in decking so there's no issue with maintenance. Here, you could enjoy your surroundings (or maybe sneak a peak over to your neighbours' gardens!), and bask in the magnificence of having such a wonderful space. But it's not just the location which makes the decking area so special; the fire pit in the middle is a truly chic and stylish touch to add. As far as garden decking lights go this is a real winner. Just picture the darkness growing, while you and your friends cuddle up around the fire, shedding its light and warmth across the space.

Toned lighting

This stunning Japanese garden is a real highlight in garden design. The decking lies across the wall of the house, basking in the glow which emanates from within. The wood itself is a light tone, keeping the feel of the garden soft and spacious. Lighting in this garden is designed in a truly beautiful way, with soft shades angled throughout its corners. The lights themselves shine from behind plants and up on to the wall, showing off the natural elegance of the plants. And the decking itself is lighted not only by the glow from inside, but also from a single lantern placed by the wall: a charming, black iron piece which spreads welcome and cheer to the decking area. 

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