9 bright ways to treat your windows

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They say the windows are the eyes of the soul. Right, but what does a drab and dreary window mean for the spirit of your home?

Don’t take window treatment lightly. They can make or break a room, regardless of whether it’s timber blinds in a bathroom, or silk curtains in the bedroom. Window treatments not only adorn your windows, they also add life to your home. 

So, it’s time to change those windows of yours – but where to start? You don’t want to spend a fortune on high-end fabrics and daring colours just to make an embarrassing (and costly) mistake.

Take it easy – that’s why homify is here.

1. Approach it room for room

Deep breaths – moving into a new house or starting an interior decorating project might be tempting to tackle your entire house at once, but resist it. This takes far too much energy, and you need that to focus on the rest of your house.

This can also result in making your decorating projects seem quite daunting when they’re supposed to be fun.  

Focus on one room at a time, then move on to the next.

2. What are your requirements?

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So you’ve decided which room is first? Good, now jot down your needs and challenges of that specific room’s windows. Some basic questions to get you going might include:

• Are the windows of equal size? 

• Are they too big or too small? 

• Does the room have enough light? 

• Do I want to enjoy the view or block it?  

• Is privacy a must have?  

• What’s my budget?

3. Gather your sources

It is a guarantee that no matter what problem you face, somebody else has already gone through it. There are many ways to treat and decorate your windows.

Start by looking at stylish examples. Websites like homify and Pinterest are chock-a-block with fantastic choices for interiors. Start by looking at our extensive range of windows to see how the professionals do it!

4. Line up your needs

Focus on the more important requirements first, especially if you have a budget (and very few of us do not). 

Start with the shades, blinds, or shutters (if you want them). Once these are finalised and installed, proceed to the fabric phase with drapes and curtains. 

Remember to include the traverse or curtain rod in your planning. 

Leave the decorative touches (like the cornices and tie-backs) for last.

5. Will your colours combine or collide?

Colour is an excellent way of adding life and character to your window treatment, as well as setting the particular mood of the room. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing colours from opposite ends of the colour wheel, like blue and orange, lilac and green, or combining similar shades such as blues and greens, or pinks and purples.

6. Remember texture

The wide world of fabrics is made up of either natural or synthetic fibres, and how these are woven, knitted, or felted together. These factors determine the texture of a material or fabric. 

Just like colours, mixing fabrics and textures can be a splendid way of creating character and interest for your window treatment. 

Some of the most popular fabric choices for window treatment include canvas, crewel, damask, gingham, lace, linen, satin, silk, and velvet.

7. Bring in patterns

If you choose to do so, mixing patterns can liven up a room’s tone. But be careful: 

• Match the pattern’s scale to the area where it’s being used; such as larger patterns on curtains, medium ones on valances, and small patterns on accent pieces. 

• Let geometric patterns stick together (i.e. stripes with checks, dots, or plaids). 

• Let colour link up the patterns (such as red dots mixed with matching red stripes).

8. Changing window sizes

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Windows of dissimilar sizes can easily disrupt a room’s flow. Make small windows appear bigger by placing a valance or cornice on the wall above them and using curtains/drapes of similar length.

Large windows can be treated with a series of blinds or drapes breaking up the expanse. Treat large cathedral windows by installing a curtain or traverse rod on the lower part of the window, leaving the upper portion open.

9. Let your window treatment evolve

Georgian Country House Etons of Bath Classic style living room
Etons of Bath

Georgian Country House

Etons of Bath

Like everything else in your home, time will affect your window treatment. Your personal taste will change, and so will trends. Allow those blinds and drapes to change with your lifestyle.

As you gain confidence in your decorating projects and experience, you can chop and change your window treatments as you go along. But remember that their main responsibility is to provide privacy and light control. 

To inspire that creative thinking process, be sure to take a look at: Breathtaking Bespoke Windows

Share your thoughts on window treatment in our comments section, below – we love hearing from you!

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