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Living in small spaces

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One of the major pitfalls of living in a densely populated urban environment is the lack of available space, and the price we pay to have more of it. Over half the worlds population live in cities, with an ever increasing amount of people migrating to the city to find work, and to experience urban life. The more a city becomes populated, the higher rent becomes, thus the cost of a smaller flat or house becomes ever pricier. In order to boost the comfort we feel living in small apartments or housing we must utilise the space we have to maximum effect. This means creating a well structured floor plan, smart storage ideas, maximising the of intake natural light, and using mirrors to give an illusion of more space. Today on homify, we will show you a number of examples on how to smartly utilise the often limited amount of room in our city homes, in order to feel comfortable at home and enjoy the excitement of living in such diverse surroundings.

Smart bike rack

Theft is often higher in an urban environment, so leaving your treasured belongings on the street or in the courtyard of your apartment block may seem crazy. By storing your bike inside your flat, you are ensuring the safety of your main mode of transport, however, you lose floor space for this cumbersome object. This smart design from Mikili Bicycle Furniture in Berlin allows the bike to be up off the ground, out of the way and without scuffing the floor or walls. The design allows for all your daily essentials to be stored next to your bike, to easily be swept up in one swift swoop out the door. This C shaped rack is not the only bike furniture concept available, click here to check out some other designs that may tickle your fancy.

Small study

Study homify Modern study/office



Who said small spaces are not conducive to productivity? Albeit tiny, this home office and desk area, exudes the sleek urban style found in inner city apartments. The bright whites and designer furniture ensure the user will feel comfortable when working here, get their work done, and will forget about how small the space is!

Mezzanine bed

Using the often high ceilings found in many older, inner city apartments installing a mezzanine is a great way to dramatically increase the floor space of your home. Mezzanine's are ideal for storage, but are also an ideal place for a bed. Leaving the floor available for play, this child's bedroom has a loft bed frame installed. This creates a fun way to get children to sleep, something which can be a rather difficult feat, especially on a school night. 

Studio dividers

Many city dwellings come in the form of a studio; a one room space used for dining, cooking, as well as sleeping. For some, the thought of essentially sleeping in the kitchen may be a little off-putting, but with the addition of a divider, the illusion of sleeping in a completely separate bedroom can be achieved. This professionally installed divider runs from the ground all the way to the ceiling, and sits on runners to allow the space to be opened up, if desired. Of course, such lengths do not have to be taken to divide your studio. Simply buy a folding screen and place is wherever you please to divide your studio as needed. 

Urban gardens

For some, the biggest downfall of living in apartment blocks is the lack of ability to own a garden! With the simple addition of some pot plants on your small balcony, or even on your windowsill, not only will you be able to own the garden you've been dreaming about (maybe not as grand), but you will feel at ease being surrounded by a small dose of nature, in an environment where anything natural may be hard to come by. 

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

A well known way to give an illusion of more space is via the installation of mirrors. The reflection visually doubles the size of the room, and this optical illusion is used to full effect by many interior designers. As you can see in this apartment bathroom, the room immediately feels bigger, and opens up the space. This is due to the large mirror, and the reflection of light and space against the white walls. 

How have you maximised the available space in your home? Any tips? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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