16 Popular and Fun Decorations for Playrooms

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Sprucing up your home for your children can seem a daunting task — how to create a safe space that can entertain your child while also facilitating creativity and learning? First off, no matter how old your little one is, it's best to find decor without sharp corners. Plush furniture is a great option — your children can lounge, jump around, or have friends over without worry. Another ideal look for a playroom? Colour. Using lots of colours not only looks fun and fresh, but it's also a great way to inspire your child to be creative. Finally, don't be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your child's playroom. Adding forts, rock walls, or trains will entertain your child for hours so they never feel bored.

Are you ready to take a look at some inspiration for the best playroom? Let's jump in and see sixteen of the most popular and fun decorations for playrooms.

1. Maps and cushions

Simplicity shouldn't be overlooked — adding a map for your child to check out, a few photos for colour, and a patterned cushion for reading and lounging make the ideal playroom.

2. Rugs and toys

To keep the space clean, add buckets or baskets for your child to put toys in — it'll teach them to be responsible and clean up when they're done playing! And bringing a rug in can help to cushion any falls and add some colour.

3. Wild playground

Get wild and go all out! This playground featuring cushions, and plenty of furniture to jump on is perfect for your kids to get their energy out at home.

4. Treehouse

If you can't have a treehouse outdoors, why not indoors? It's safer because it's closer to the ground, but it's also very cute to add some colour like this purple!

5. Cushioned reading nook

Get cosy with this cushioned reading nook for your kids to hide away! You might even find them reading without telling them to!

6. Ball pit

The ultimate children's playroom, complete with a ball pit! An interior designer can help you get the design just right so you can ensure safety for your children — but how fun is this decor!

7. Climbing gym

If your child likes to climb and jump around, why not give them a climbing gym? You could install a rock wall or an indoor treehouse like this example.

8. TV room

A TV room is the perfect space to entertain both yourself and your child! Bring in some cushions or bean bags for lounging and you'll have the ideal setup for movie night.

9. Book case, desk, and patterned rug

This cute patterned rug with roads doubles as a toy so your child can feel like they're really driving. Plus, with a bookcase, desk, and toy chest, they'll have plenty to do all day long.

10. Puzzle rug

A puzzle rug is a really fun piece to add to a playroom — take it apart, put it together, use it to build a fort — the options are endless!

11. Guitar and displays

Playrooms aren't just for really young children, older children can enjoy them too! Add shelving to display toys or awards, bring in their favourite instrument and put a cushion for lounging.

12. Rock walls and blackboard walls

Wow! This room would be the best place to play with a rock wall for climbing and blackboard walls for drawing — so your child can stay active and creative at the same time.

13. Model car

Boys and girls alike will enjoy pieces like a model car if they're excited by automobiles, and you can make it the fun space to play with a rug and some cushions too.

14. Toys and pictures

Want to personalise your playroom? Bringing all your child's favorite toys and some photos into the playroom can help separate playtime from sleep time so their bedroom is a calmer place!

15. Painted toys

Want to keep the room from being too messy? Instead of adding a printed rug, why not paint roads on the walls? Your child will be entertained, and it's a super cute way to decorate the walls.

16. Colourful and cute walls

Adding colour to the walls makes a playroom look so much more fun and playful — these triangles are just adorable! Plus, a few patterned cushions really take this room up a notch. Don't be afraid to add multiple patterns — a playroom should look a little wild!

Would you give your child a playroom? Let us know how you'd decorate your playroom in the comments below!

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