11 Fabulous Stone Facades for Your Next Home

Emma Haggerty Emma Haggerty
Hadley Wood - North London, New Images Architects New Images Architects Modern houses
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While we have many options for what material to use for the facade of our home, the most elegant choice is always stone. With a stone facade, you don't need to construct your entire home out of stone, but you'll still achieve the elegance and extravagance of a stone home. Stone has been used to build homes for centuries and with good reason — it's durable, strong, and looks fantastic. Now choosing exactly what type of stone you'd like to use for the facade of your home will be a more difficult task as there are so many options available to you. In fact, you may want to consult a professional to ensure you choose the right type of stone for the region you live in, the type of home you have, and the kind of look you want to achieve.

Without further ado, let's jump in and see 11 fabulous stone facades for your next home.

1. Classic stones

This classic and traditional stone facade is perfect for the homeowner who wants a no fuss, easygoing look for the front of their home.

2. Half stone

Hadley Wood - North London, New Images Architects New Images Architects Modern houses
New Images Architects

Hadley Wood—North London

New Images Architects

This half-brick home is a stunner — the contrast of the red brick and white construction looks fabulous and gives rich texture to the front of the home. A very contemporary look.

3. Grey stone

Grey stones will look great in almost any area — you can work with smaller grey stones to fit a contemporary or more traditional look.

4. Beige brick

Kitchen extension in Queens Park, London, Studio 29 Architects ltd Studio 29 Architects ltd Eclectic style houses
Studio 29 Architects ltd

Kitchen extension in Queens Park, London

Studio 29 Architects ltd

This marbled beige brick looks amazing on the front of this home. The tones bring a lot of warmth to the look and would be the perfect choice for those with a garden.

5. Elaborate stones

These more elaborate and yet somewhat traditional stones are a great look for a vacation home or a more southern home.

6. Stone and wood

Mixing stone and natural wood is a bold look that won't be suitable for some homes — it might be best to consult with a professional. But this combination can look absolutely magnificent when done right!

7. Speckled brick

This beautiful speckled red brick facade looks gorgeous on this countryside home.

8. Bright brick

Brighter bricks can look traditional or modern — here, the unique shape of the home gives it a modern edge.

9. Matching stone

Croft Mews, London, N12 GPAD Modern houses

Croft Mews, London, N12


Going for a monochromatic look is a wonderful option if you want the stone facade to blend into the rest of the home.

10. Stone and glass

Transformation of a 1960's style suburban home into a contemporary lakeside lodge, Des Ewing Residential Architects Des Ewing Residential Architects Modern houses
Des Ewing Residential Architects

Transformation of a 1960's style suburban home into a contemporary lakeside lodge

Des Ewing Residential Architects

Wow! This amazing glass home looks even classier with the stone facade. Go for a similar look with the help of a professional.

11. Minimal stone

Muswell Hill House 1, London N10, Jones Associates Architects Jones Associates Architects Modern houses
Jones Associates  Architects

Muswell Hill House 1, London N10

Jones Associates Architects

You don't have to add stone all over. Using stone for half of your home or as additional touches can be a great way to incorporate stone in the facade of your home.

Do you think stone facades look great on a home and would you install one yourself?

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