9 Creative Low budget make over ideas for your Home

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Being homebound during the pandemic, we often feel lost in the memories of the good old days. Staying home, relaxing and spending time with family and friends on weekends and receiving appreciation for our home décor skills was a thing we overlooked. But let’s look at the bright side! If you are bored lounging around the house looking at the same interiors, but the anxiety of going out to shop for interiors is a restriction – break the shackles by turning to online shopping. Now, we know shopping online for interiors is a tricky thing. But don’t worry. Before searching for low budget home makeover ideas, play smart and click pictures of your home décor, upload it to your computer and try your hand at an image editing program. It will allow you to map out how adding, subtracting or making changes using the software and see how your home makeover will look and feel even before you actually start working on it. It will save you time, money and even energy. We have a few low budgets makeover ideas to decorate your home. You only have to unleash your imagination and creativity to give your home a beautiful low budget makeover.

Play with the décor by rearranging the furniture

We can say that it is the simplest hack to refurbish your home décor without spending a penny. How your space looks and feels depend a lot on the furniture and its arrangements. You can do it easily, especially in your living room, without changing anything except repositioning the furniture. So if your couches are positioned for comfortable viewing of television, rearrange them to make it interactive seating. On the contrary, if the sofas are arranged in a cosy manner, spread it out, or maybe, move out the small couch and bring in the beautiful armchairs from the study or the daybed from the bedroom and refresh your living room and the study and bedroom at no extra cost.

Old room drenched in new lighting

Revamp the old room with fresh lighting ideas and refresh it at a cost you can afford. Check out for deals on lamps and get new ones for your living room, dining room or bedroom, the room you wish to give a makeover. Or, if you want to budget it more, you can even decorate the rooms with colourful scented candles that will decorate the space during days and burn them to light up your evenings.

Revamp the wall décor

Transform the décor of the home by redecorating the walls of the rooms. Replace the old paintings or pictures with new ones, or rearrange the existing ones using your creativity and revamp the walls on a budget. You can create a family or memory wall with the paintings done by the family members, or new family pictures clicked recently or framing the old pictures from the memory books. This low budget wall decor will be precious for your home.

Striking makeover of the Kitchen

Changing the kitchen cabinetry or tiles to give it a fresh makeover could be an expensive affair. So rather than changing it or even thinking of it, be smart and swap the crockeries and glass on display with jars full of cookies, snacks, munchies, or even spice jars that will refresh and decorate the showcase at no extra cost.

Setting up the table

It is easy to ignore the dining space since you cannot change the dining table to give the room a beautiful makeover. However, you can easily give it a stylish makeover on a budget by dressing up the table with new tablecloths, mats, buying a new set of napkin holder, salt and pepper shaker. Then elevate its elegance by decorating it with a flower vase with fresh flowers and candles, making it perfect for romantic dinners.

Showcase the heirloom or antique pieces

Take out the heirloom piece you inherited or visit a thrift shop to get something unique or an antique piece at a reasonable price, polish it, clean it or maybe give it your personal touch and use it to decorate your home. Even the sparkles on a brass statue or Grandfather’s gramophone can make space breathe in the freshness on a budget.

Decorative makeover of the bathroom

The bathroom is the last place that comes to mind when planning a home makeover. However, you can easily refurbish and rejuvenate the bathroom of your house without spending much. Since it is a small space, you can start by cleaning it, painting the glass windows, changing the old mirror with a new one, replacing the shower curtains, soap dispensers, and decorating the room with candles. It will make a considerable difference to elevate the elegance of the bathroom.

SS16 Style Guide - Coastal Elegance - Bedroom LuxDeco Country style bedroom Blue

SS16 Style Guide—Coastal Elegance—Bedroom


Bring in some colours through furnishing 

Throw in some colours through new cushions and cushion covers, pillows, bedsheets and duvet in the bedroom, towels and accessories in the bathrooms, rugs on the floor, fresh curtains dressing up the windows of the living room, or you can even give the home décor a fresh makeover with fresh paints or stylish wallpaper on the walls. You can assign the budget and shop to make it a budget makeover for your home.

Freshness of greenery for fresh décor

Last but definitely not least, add freshness to your home décor through indoor plants in beautiful planters. It will not only breathe freshness in space, but you can also select plants specifically for each room. Like you can have decorative plants in the living room, micro herbs in the kitchen, air purifying plants for the dining room and Peace lilies for a romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. It will purify the indoor atmosphere of the house and add much-needed freshness to the home décor. 

Which of these low-budget decor ideas did you like the most?

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