Pieces of Paradise: Impressive Pools and Outdoor Living Spaces

GRAD Concept, Tarima para encajar., CASÁRBOL CASÁRBOL Minimalist pool
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It’s humane to get attracted to mysteries. So when the mystery is enchanting in the form of concept that reflects on the clean and clear wooden deck beside the pool, patio, raised wooden platform in the balcony, or the wooden flooring in private or commercial buildings, it creates awe mixed with curiosity. Casárbol, the professional distributors for Spain of GRAD Concept, vouch for the convenience and classiness of the concept has brought to the exterior and interior floor. Grad concept is a specialist in building up a stunning exterior deck and interior floor without any visible screws and nails and perfectly aligned planks. With hidden screws and flawless joining, what it brings in the décor is pure sophisticated elegance on the floor.

A unique concept of the wooden deck that can be installed flat on the ground or floating using height-adjustable pedestals is designed and promoted by Grad Concept. It is undoubtedly the world’s best-clip-on mounting system that can easily install the deck even by the layman. It has no visible screws or nails, and the joints of the planks blend seamlessly. If the concept promotes quick installation, it has also made it simple to dismantle without causing any damage to wood or composite. With a trust built over more than 30 years of experience and expertise of a network of trained professionals, resellers and installers, the product comes with a guarantee of 30 years of optimal stability and assurance to meet the utmost standard. The best concept about the Grad Concept is that you can design your plan on their 3D software, get a clear idea of what the end design will look like, make essential changes in the 3D drawing, and even control your budget with it. You can experiment with the possibilities of mixing wood, porcelain and aluminium to create different types of exterior landscape and decking possibility using the unique concept visualized and designed by Grad Concept and distributed in Spain by Casárbol. Let’s take a walk on the beautiful concepts conceptualized by professionals that will raise your curiosity. Have a look!

Technology for the raised platform

To give a clean and clear finishing on the top, the Grad Concept uses the technology to hide all the eyesores like nails, screw, clamps and joints beneath the platform. This height-adjustable pedestal is a perfect solution for the outdoors or indoors where you want a raised platform of wooden flooring. The added advantage is that you don’t have to change the old flooring. It could easily be laid over the old one.

Fixing it right on the existing floor

The clip-on mounting system fixes the wooden planks right over the floor. It is so simple to install that it could be done under a DIY project. The upper portion will be clean and clear with no visible screws and joints with all the clamps and fixture hidden beneath.

Summers by the pool

Summers are to live by the pool. The pioneer in the exterior landscape, the beautiful swimming pool gets an elegant uplift by the wooden deck running around it. The pebbled path reaches the wooden steps that rise to the deck decked up with lounging poolside chairs and a clear, fabulous pool. Stonewall fenced with small and big trees, aluminium mesh at the far, shrubs on the white pebbles bed, and porcelain inside the pool complement the wooden deck's flawlessness. 

Magic of clean and clear flooring

We would love to have a flawless clean nail and a screw-free fixture on the wooden deck in our home. No rust, no fear of accidents waiting to happen and no worrying about children getting hurt; summers beside the pool will be fun.

Lounging in relaxed elegance

Outdoor living space all decked up for a relaxed afternoon basking in the sun with the comfort of the wooden floor beneath our feet. Wooden flooring undoubtedly adds elegance to the décor. The impeccable finishing of the wooden flooring raised steps, crafted by Grad Concepts and brought by Casárbol, creates a stunning living space with a dining table in an open area. 

Infinite classiness of infinity pool

The wooden deck frames the natural vegetation protecting the old trees and plants unharmed. The blue porcelain tiles on the pool’s floor and side walls add depth to the colour of water in it. The view beyond the pool complements the beauty of the infinity pool beyond compare.

Modern and sophisticated

The exclusiveness of the contemporary balcony gets elevated by the flawless wooden flooring adorning its floor and the glass and aluminium railing adding to its charm with a clear view. The colossal glass doors immaculately connect the indies with the exterior space of the home. Grad Concept can extend your living room balcony or bedroom to the balcony attached to it without any joints or nails. 

Floor to wall

The floor to the walls of the sheer elegance of wood weaved in a symmetrical pattern without any visible screws or joints build up an immaculately stunning exterior living space to enjoy. 

Outdoor landscaping

The wooden pathway in the garden adds an elegant charm and warmth to the beautiful landscaping. Woods used are from well-managed forests, treated with respect and care to increase its density, stability and durability to last longer, even in the outdoor landscaping.

Step up the style gracefully

The elegance of a wood cabin surrounded by the woods gets elevated by the elevated wooden platform and wooden stairs taking up to the cabin. The aluminium guardrail defines the boundary for protection. All the joints and connections used to build up the platform and staircase is hidden well beneath it.  

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