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Why Use The Case Combine Harvester?

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The use of machines has revolutionized our lives making work easy and increasing productivity. This has impacted even the world of farming. Farmers have benefited tremendously from the use of farming equipment as they have helped farmers be more productive. One of the most important equipments that farmers use is the combine harvester for Case IH. This is truly a revolutionary invention that represents a major innovation that has helped farmers in a big way.

What Is The Combine Harvester?

The case combine harvester is equipment from the Case Corporation that is used to make harvesting operations easy and effective. The equipment is called ‘combine’ harvester since it combines all the three harvesting processes of reaping, winnowing, and threshing. Harvesting, which would take many days and require a lot of labor is now simplified thanks to the use of the harvester.

Why use the harvester?

The case combine harvester is expensive but it is an investment worth making thanks to the many benefits offered. The various reasons for using the combine harvester include:

1) The combine harvester when used allows the farmer to complete the harvesting quickly thus saving on time. Harvesting that used to take days can be completed very quickly and the time saved can be used for other productive work.

2) The combine harvester helps the farmer to increase productivity. More quantities of grain can be harvested. This helps the farmer earn more from the harvesting operation.

3) Apart from productivity is increased, the quality of grains would also improve. The threshing is done in a more effective way. This ensures a cleaner sample thus improving grain quality. The farmer can thus look to earn more from the crop harvested.

4) The case harvester has a higher performance and fuel efficiency. It allows work to be done uninterrupted without needing to break for refueling. The engine performance ensures harvesting is done more efficiently.

5) One of the major benefits of using the combine harvester is that it can be used to harvest multiple crops. Different equipment need not be used, instead, settings in the equipment can be changed. This allows the farmer to harvest any crop whether it is rye, soybean, corn, canola, sunflower, or wheat.

6) Crop loss is a common problem with harvesters. The combine when used with the case harvester solves this problem. It ensures that problems like cracked cob, damaged grains, and split cobs are solved.

7) The operator has an improved cab allowing the harvesting to be done comfortably and effectively. This makes the process of harvesting more convenient for the farmer.

8) The capacity of threshing is increased by using the combine. This ensures the process of threshing happens quicker and more effectively. The chaff and stalk are neatly separated leading to a cleaner grain sample.

The case combine harvester is truly a boon for farmers. The many benefits it offers is why farmers should consider buying this equipment. It is an investment that yields the best returns since it allows farmers to boost their earnings.