Stunning Interior Décor Ideas for the Second/Vacation Home from a Designer’s Perspective

JR Interior Design Modern living room
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Buying a first home is an accomplishment, but buying a second home is a dream come true. It’s a reward for all the hard work that brought you this far… a second home or, what can aptly be called, a vacation home for your family. After all, it’s a home to escape from the hustle-bustle of life, to live and relax with family and friends on a short weekend getaway. Moreover, if your second home happens to be in a tourist-place like Amsterdam or Paris, maybe on the beach or up the mountains, you might think of generating revenue by making your second home into a vacation home for tourists. AirBnB homes are what the modern generation travellers love to rent, a home away from home.

When designing the interior of a second home, whether for personal use or renting it for short stays in the form of a vacation home, the interior designers of JR INTERIOR DESIGN have crafted their philosophy. They believe in retaining the essence of the property and design the interior highlighting the traditional style – giving the visitors a taste of local experience and charisma. Their style works to enhance the elegance of the home decor, keeping it in sync with the style of the locality and its charm. Let’s dive into the second home décor ideas by the talented designer exceptionally crafted to inspire you before you take to decorate your second/ vacation home.

Break the rules

Break the rules and make your second home a beautiful space, something different from the traditional décor of a modern home. The second home is probably small and cosy. Explore the length and breadth of the available space and divide it visually through wall décor or even through the selection of chandeliers, as the designer has done here. The openness of the integrated living space is inviting. The urban jungle theme decorates one wall of the living room, and it gets complemented beautifully by single tone walls, ceiling and flooring tiles. The simplicity of the décor and minimalist furniture creates a cohesive and soothing décor, apt for a vacation home where people visit for fun and relaxation.  

Create multiple spaces in the same space

Make the home decor comfortable and fun where everyone comes to enjoy the time together. So, create multiple spaces within a single space. With a long couch, a few comfy chairs, coffee tables, a round dining table that can double up to be a game table with light movable chairs, soothing wall colours and simple décor and voila, your home is ready for the vacation.

Remember to make space for children

When building up a second home, remember to cut a personal space for the children. Unleash your creativity and convert the attic into a beautiful children’s room. Even when you rent it out for vacation, the family will love this creative room for the kids filled with all the amenities and stunning décor. Replace the roof with a sun window and let the room get flushed with natural light. 

Twin Vanity bathroom for ‘his’ and ‘her’

Incorporate the design for dual purpose, like using the bathroom together without waiting for the turn. Two mirrors, dual sinks, a bathtub and a shower will together take away the rush any time of the day.

Celebrating the view

Celebrate the view while relaxing in the Jacuzzi, making the most of your second/vacation home. Squeeze in space for the Jacuzzi or cover up a terrace, balcony or backyard to build up a Jacuzzi with a beautiful view and sun to soak.

Furnishing with the furniture

Never treat your second home as a dumping ground of your old furniture. Remember that it will be a home for vacation and relaxation. Besides, if you plan to rent it out, you will have to make it attractive and relaxing for the guests. If you are using the old furniture, ensure that it adds value to the décor. Refurbish it, change the weave of the old chair, replace a leg of the coffee table to give it a quirky look and then match it with a fresh vibe on the wall with new wallpaper.

Blending work with pleasure

With ‘work from home’ a new normal due to the pandemic and ‘workcation’ an innovative way to blend work with vacation, it makes sense to build a workstation where you or your guests can mix the work with the pleasure of vacation. A work table and a cosy corner space for reading is a perfect way to blend work with pleasure.

Double-duty décor

The second home or the vacation home is for relaxation and entertainment. So design it to meet the double-duty. The long Kitchen Island converts to a breakfast bar in the morning, a dining table during lunch and dinner and then the service table when entertaining the guests. Easy to move chairs around the table can work as extra seating wherever you wish.

Home Décor with a personality and personal touch

Showcase your exquisite taste while decorating your home, but avoid personal photographs or personal décor items on display. The memory wall is for your private home, not for the vacation homes, especially if you are renting it. Also, avoid the display of expensive or breakable decorative pieces.

Try something funky

Normal is boring, and so is the predictable décor. The second home is fun and should have a funky holiday vibe in its décor too. Make a bold statement with a bold piece of raw beam running from floor to ceiling and then branching from it with a table fix on it. Or take some clue from here and design your funky piece for your home. 

Adhere with the safety features

Make the vacation home safe by adhering to all the safety features and rules for a tension-free vacation. Get the CO2 detectors, fire alarm, guardrails for the staircase and balcony, and fence for the pool installed. Ensure that the home is child-friendly and safe. 

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Did you find these interior decor ideas for a second home/vacation home exciting? We are waiting to hear from you. 

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