16 Stylish Casement windows Design you would like to Copy for your Home

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Agree or disagree, but it's the windows that add attractiveness to a building, from inside or outside. Over time and changing architectural style, the window design has also evolved and adapted to sync with the trending home design. However, its role of bringing fresh energy inside and connecting the interior to the outside world has remained constant. The professional window designers of REPAIR A SASH LTD know how crucial window styling is in defining the house's architectural style apart from its role. It's the windows that make or break the style quotient and still have to meet with its functionality. Hence, the professional designers of Repair a Sash are here providing complete window care, from fitting to repairing, maintaining and designing the windows that can change the personality of your house. So if you are looking for window replacement or fresh casement windows, click here for the best casement window professional service. Just scroll down to get an inkling of the casement windows and inspirations. Have a look!

Twinning in style

The industrial-style brick wall and modern white exterior on the top are in sync with the casement windows style, which is identical on two floors. With clear glass on the bottom and picture windows on top, the window enhances the elegance of the structure.

Picture perfect window

An awning picture window fits perfectly in small spaces to look beautiful.

Combination Casement windows

Swing door windows on the side and awning in the middle combine to build up a beautiful window style in any home design. 

Elegance in symmetry

Swing door windows on the side and a fixed window in the middle create a picture-perfect casement window style in home décor.

Whisper of the White window

The monotony of stone gets an elegant break from the whisper of the white window fixed on the wall.

Smartness of small window

A customised small white casement window fits in a small space to bring fresh air and brighten up space.

Single panel casement window

Popular in the UK, the single hinge casement window opens like a door allowing opening the window fully or in half as per your wish. It’s perfect for every style of home.

Blending with the wall

The white wood and glass casement window hide behind the greenery, and gels with the modern design, becoming a part of the exterior design.

Frosted Glass casement window

Glam up the stylishness of the casement windows by replacing the clear glass with frosted glass while going for window replacement.

Defining it with windows

Define the floors of your home with the different styles of casement windows for each floor like it is done here by Repair a Sash.

Cuteness overloaded

Overload the cute detailing of the small window through a beautiful white casement window that blends to elevate the décor style of the bathroom.

Breaking the niche

You can effortlessly sneak in a casement window in the niche on the wall. Take a clue from the casement window design by Repair a Sash and build up an opening for the window in a small space.

Vintage in arch

Be it a modern style home or a Victorian architectural style in open brick and arches over the windows; the casement windows blend with every home style. 

Double hinge casement windows

Swing open the double hinge casement windows and let the freshness rush to wipe your home interior with a fresh breeze and light. 

Wall full of windows

That’s the beauty with the full glass casement windows! A wall replaced with casement windows floods the home interior with ample lights even with closed windows.   

Symmetry of the bay windows

There is something surreal in the symmetrical style of the bay windows that takes up an entire wall of the mansion or modest modern home. Combining the bay windows with the casement style effortlessly connect the interior with the outside environment. 

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Which of these casement windows will you copy for your home? 

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