Elegant and Beautiful French Door Designs by Professional Designers

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Brimming with symbolic meaning, doors open up to new beginnings and opportunities. And when the door is a French door, brightness floods in and flushes the home with light, air, and romantic elegance. French doors have witnessed a long history of popularity among architects and designers since their inception in 17th century France. Be it a mansion, a humble home, or a luxurious modern apartment; French doors add glamorous sophistication and ample accessibility to natural light even in the English weather. With its unparalleled aesthetics and classy appeal, apart from the additional benefits of more room for natural energy and freshness, the French door has evolved into a decorative door connecting the home with the outer world instead of closing it down. The professional designers of REPAIR A SASH LTD in London have expertise in installing, maintaining, and repairing French doors. In fact, through their exclusive French door style, they have added stylishness and sparkle to the home décor. Let’s open up the French door designs for ideas and inspiration. Have a look!

A room full of French doors

A room full of French doors in a living room will create an illusion of spaciousness, even when small. Replace the walls or windows of the living room with the French doors and let the bright and fresh energy graciously wipe the room.

Sunny French door

A multi-swing French door connecting the backyard with the house brings a calming effect and ample sunlight inside the home. The rustic open brick wall contrast with the delicate white and glass French door.

Classy in white, glass and gold

The wood and glass single door swing open French door makes the entry to the house quite elegant and memorable. Nestled in the brick wall and a touch of gold elevate the classiness of the beautiful French door.

Connecting the backyard

A single swing door with clear full-size glass framed in wood painted in white is a perfect way to connect the backyard with the house. It could be a clever move to replace the window with a French door, making the interior look and feel bright, airy and open.

Welcoming wide French door

Opening to the front yard or the back yard, the wide welcoming French door is perfect for flooding the interior with natural light even when closed. It will make the room look and feel spacious and open. 

Complementing French door

The very modern and sophisticated white French door compliments the industrial-style exterior facade creating a unique fusion style that beautifully binds the décor.

Monochrome on the French door

White wooden frames and black glass fitted on it blends to weave a simple and sophisticated monochrome magic on the French door.

Sophisticated French door

If you want to open up an enclosed space to make it bright and airy, make room for a French door. Extend the door to the ceiling, cutting a skylight above the main door like the Repair a Sash designers have done here. 

Touch of tradition with an arch

The arches of the door frame and bricks on its top add a touch of tradition and delicate feel to the French door. The elegant door painted in white creates a beautiful contrast against the red brick arch on its top.

Warm and cosy décor

A warm and cosy seating area with comfy armchairs, a coffee table and a French door at the backdrop opening to the courtyard make your private corner feel homely and relaxed. 

Swing of the French door

The simple swing door squeezed between the brick walls fits perfectly into a small space matching with the casement window on the side. Together they fill the house's interior with natural light and fresh air even with limited area.

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Which of these French door designs will be a part of your home?

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