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No matter how big or small a house is, it’s the door that completes the structure, sometimes even giving the house its recognition like the ‘house with the red door’. While designing a home, it’s essential to pay special attention to doors since it affects both the interior and exterior design of the house. The professional designers of REPAIR A SASH LTD in London understand that the beautiful and intelligent design and style of the door elevate the overall value of the home appearance apart from serving its purpose of separating one room from another or being the guard and face of the house. They also have expertise in designing and maintaining casement windows that are in sync with the door style, which complements the door, contributing to elevating the home decor. So, whether you are looking for a single, double, entrance, internal, French or coloured doors, they have every style to impress and inspire you. It will surprise you to see how the humble doors add a unique touch to the home design. All you have to do is to open the beautiful design and welcome it home. Have a look!

Statement of the Entrance door

A right entrance door can transform a house. In the combination of metal, wood and glass, the door brings in the rustic charm of the industrial décor and is in sync with style with an open brick wall surrounding it. The intricate metalwork and the metal ring look regal.

Single door with glass

Wooden door painted in white with grid fixed with glass builds up a classy entrance door. While the wood divides the interior from the outer space, the glass connects them.

Contemporary and chic door

A gentle elegance of arch adorning the modern door in grey bordered by white frame amidst the open brick wall creates a chic and contemporary vibe at the entrance. 

Warmth of wood in the entrance door

Make your entrance classy, warm and welcoming with double wooden doors in the shade of wood. Hidden behind the greenery, the glass on the doors and brass handles add richness to the door design.

Garden door of glass

A clear glass French door framed in white wood connects the home's interior with the garden even when closed. The glass allows ample sunlight and an unobstructed view of the garden.

Entry through the kitchen door

Half wood and the half glass single kitchen door is quite convenient with a pet hole at an appropriate height. The combination of white wood and frosted glass looks attractive and protects the residents' privacy when closed. The adjacent casement window matches the kitchen door in every sense.

Foldable French door

A combination of minimalism with sophistication, the foldable French door effortlessly blends in any home style. White coloured French door with glass on the grids add a classy touch to the home décor from inside and outside.

Glass panelled wooden door

The attractive entrance door makes an elegant statement dominated by dark glass-framed in white wood. The delicate arch on the top adds a lovely aesthetic to the sophisticated door.

Glass doors and open brick

The delicate touch of glass is the best choice when deciding the internal door connecting the backyard to the interior of your home. While glass is trendy, it, in combination with a white wooden frame and open brick walls, looks fresh and elegant. The glass sun window on top of the glass door stretches the elegance to the top.

Modern glass door in contemporary setting

The modern double glass door in white and wood brings in a classy elegance in the front with an open brick wall around and dark brick colour vertical brick on top of the door.

Luxury of French doors

There's an immense style and sophisticated elegance attached with the French doors that elevate the house's décor stylishly. A wall full of French doors floods the room with natural light and freshness all through the day.

Bespoke French glass doors

The French door substitutes the windows for connecting the house's courtyard, making room for more sunlight and connectivity without any obstruction. It’s a clever way to flush the room with fresh light and air, even on a cloudy day.

Blue door with squares of glass

The pretty turquoise blue door with squares of glass panel stands out. It is attractive enough to give the house recognition of ‘house with a blue door.’

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