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Packed with charm, awash in character, and simply saturated in charisma, today's project is brimming with plenty of impressive features. Situated in the Netherlands, this village house is a combination of traditional elements that have been cleverly juxtaposed against an extremely contemporary extension. Partially hidden behind the dwelling's original heritage façade, the ultra-modern addition boasts a kaleidoscopic array of high-tech features, perfectly contrasted against the home's whimsical setting. 

In order to ensure the residence adhered to the surrounding historic architectural vernacular, architects from the Dutch firm Maas Architecten designed the property to integrate seamlessly and harmoniously. From the exterior of the home it is clear this is no ordinary abode, but instead a dwelling of immense style and personality, boasting uniqueness and originality. 

If you would like to see what this remarkable and thrilling home has in store for its visitors, take a peek at the images below!

A cutting-edge addition and extension

An unbelievable contrast of styles, this impressive and awe-inspiring home is replete with character and an imposing sense of drama. The architects have utilised historic elements of the structure and juxtaposed them with modern construction methods, styles and finishes. 

Bold in its initial appearance, the house actually combines these two differing aesthetics with grace and poise. Effortlessly beautiful, the continuation of the thatched roof is of particular note. Here in this image we are actually viewing the rear of the home, with the façade actually facing out towards the expansive rolling hills beyond. The curbside vision of this house hides far more from the unsuspecting guest or viewer, as you will see in the next image below.

Modernity hidden from sight

Viewing this home from the street it appears rather normal and ordinary. Full of charm and character, it is only upon closer inspection of this dwelling that we notice a few abnormalities, not usually seen in heritage cottage homes. 

To the left of the image the original structure can clearly be seen, but the thatched roofing pauses for a moment and is interspersed with a long strip of glazed roof panelling. After this the thatching continues in a far more contemporary fashion, indicating there is something individual and unique behind this home's façade.

Let's take a look inside…

Sleek and chic interior spaces

Brilliantly open plan and oozing sleek style, this new section of the dwelling is gallery-esque in its appearance. Within the dining space we see the ample glazing that helps bring a large amount of natural light into the area. Additionally, the white colour scheme to the walls and ceiling help reflect this light and illuminate the room further. To add contrast the flooring is a matte finish grey hue, adding a low-maintenance edge, as well as family friendliness to the space. 

To the right of the picture we see the kitchen. The incorporated timber veneer joinery is particularly welcoming and comforting against the dark charcoal hues, while the white colour scheme and warm lighting ensures the area is usable and efficient. 

A high-tech chef's kitchen

Altering our perspective once again we are able to see the kitchen in more detail. Replete with everything one might need to cook up a gastronomic storm, this kitchen is a standout feature and an inimitable highlight within the home. 

The stainless steel finish is another easy-clean option that has been implemented as much for its good looks as its efficiency. Durable, sleek and easy to maintain, this is a timeless and obvious choice for the property. Finally, the warm chestnut hue of the timber cabinetry is gorgeously contrasted against the cold steel, and works beautifully to create an eye-catching yet age-defiant style. 

Contemporary split-level living

This home has been designed to maximise its position and situation upon its plot. For this reason, the new extension sits slightly lower than the original dwelling. In order to ensure cohesion between the new and the old, the architects and designers created split-level areas and extra high ceilings. In the new section of the house, the ceilings are particularly high, while the older rooms are accessible via stairs. 

Following these stairs upwards we can see the casual sitting area, which is perfectly positioned away from the kitchen, and would be ideal for cosy and comfortable evening with family. 

Unique dynamism in the bedroom

For a final, yet no less impressive, look inside another room we head upstairs and into the main bedroom. Here the master suite is enriched with interesting architectural shapes and forms, evoking a unique and original aesthetic. These sleeping quarters truly exude a sense of warmth and would be the perfect place to rest and rejuvenate, especially while watching rain or cold weather outdoors. The room is decorated minimally, instead opting for the architecture to create curiosity and engagement. 

We hope you enjoyed touring this home as much as we did! If you would like to continue reading, check out The Small House with a Secret.

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