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Before and After: Oh No Chateau Found its Ooh La La

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EURL Cyril DULAU architecte
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Eurl Cyril Dulau Architect clearly does not scare easily. Either that or he is a secret horror film buff and enjoys a super creepy house. That's the only explanation we can come up with for anyone being willing to take on this large project!

Looking deserted and sad, this French home had certainly seen better days but all it takes is someone with a little vision, a lot of determination and a healthy budget to turn things around. What has been created here is a beautifully homely, inviting and rustic house that any of us would love to live in. Don't believe us? Shame on you!

Before: You rang?

We know it can't only be us that would expect Lurch from the Addams Family to answer the door, if we were brave enough to ring the bell! While the shape of the house is charming and wonderfully traditional, the drab colour lacks personality and makes things look spooky.

What can you do with a home that scares people away? That's the big question. Luckily, we have the answer for you…

After: C'est magnifique!

This is absolutely a house that we would want to visit, own or live in! The only real give away that this is the same property is the roof line. If you trace that you can see how the house has been extended to become this incredible dream home.

White render has freshened up the façade no end and black guttering adds the right amount of contrast to make this a real monochrome masterpiece. And can we all just bathe in the gloriousness of that pool for a moment? Talk about the ultimate facelift!

Before: Setting the scene for a slasher movie

You have to wonder if whomever lived here before said to themselves, What would make this house even scarier? Oh yeah, a super creepy little barn at the back. Hidden behind trees and looking like the outhouse that time forgot, you certainly wouldn't want to pop out here on a dark night.

Shabby chic is one thing and we can totally get on board with that but slasher-movie chic is one thing we might leave to someone else.

After: Adorable annexe heaven

You see what a big difference some windows, a new roof and a little pointing makes? This is such a charming and valuable extra space and with the new gorgeous swimming pool, we bet this is a fantastic luxury pool house. It's the perfect place for storing some suits in case you fancy a dip.

Given what a huge change this house has undergone, we're willing to bet that the owner is something of a visionary and has kitted this extra bonus building out as a party annexe, complete with barbecue equipment and a beverage fridge. We hope we get an invite!

After: Don't erase the past

While we weren't huge fans of how the house used to look, we do like that it has some history attached to it and that the design team have strived to keep as many original nuances as possible. Here, in a super sleek kitchen, we can see a traditional stone wall that perfectly balances out the injection of modernity with the heritage of the home and the location.

If this project has shown us anything it's that there is always hope and you shouldn't give up on a book if the cover freaks you out. A lot. The modern, bright and beautiful home that stands here now is a testament to design vision and confident craftsman and we think it's a real winner!

For more transformations on the continent, take a look at this Ideabook: Before and After: Renovation of a Manor in Normandy.

Would you have taken on this spooky project? Do you love how it has been brought back to life? Share your thoughts, below...

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