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Find Safe Music Downloads—7 Essential Tips to Avoid Breaking the Law!

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Before I begin my 7 tips, I do believe it'd be recommended to perform through why exactly I elect to download music legally rather Mzansi hip hop Download than use file sharing sites illegally.

As well as the information being great quality, you gain a feeling of reassurance that the file you are downloading is 100% legal, and truly free. Perhaps more to the point, I also can rest assured a virus isn't making itself in the home on my computer as I open my new music apply for the initial time.

I also feel more a part of the music I download and the artists behind it. If you choose safe music downloads, you're supporting an artist, and lowering the price of future downloads on your own and others - helping everyone download music legally for free.

I also know though that it's difficult to get decent, original stuff, and the search to download free music legally is really a tough one!

So, I can't prevent you if you choose illegal music downloads, but I will offer you some valuable advice from personal experience on why you could prefer to compare your options, the some tips I've picked up on how best to quickly find safe music downloads.

1) Watch out for Free Safe Music Downloads

Be very wary whenever you read this anywhere, and thoroughly check out any site offering the ability to download free music legally! Avoid swapping and trading sites just like the plague - even when some people are sharing legitimately, the information offered are frequently illegal, and more regularly than not, you will discover yourself with a slightly-off, bad quality version of the track you attempt to find.

These sites will also be a hacker's favourite way to spread their malicious software, which could often surpass a lot of anti-virus software - so even if you put down only to locate safe music downloads, and had every intent to download music legally, you might get significantly more than you bargained for!

2) Make Friends with Public Domain

Let's face it, you've probably searched a lot by now, and there aren't many places that basically offer safe music downloads, or ways to download free music legally.

Although you'll mostly find older songs here, and many recordings from gigs where bands allowed fans to record their performances, you are able to look for what's known as'public domain recordings'from a respected site like

Step 3 - Be a Loyal Fan

It's rare nowadays for bands and artists - particularly those less well known - not to have a website or web presence of some sort. Search for your favourite record labels and artists, and explore their websites. If they have a mailing list, make sure you grab the chance to subscribe.

As well as being one of the first to hear about your favourite artists'tours and updates, lots - particularly smaller labels or independent unsigned artists, offer promotional free safe music downloads through their mailing lists or directly from their websites.

Step 4 - Get Social

Right now, you'll have at the very least heard of MySpace, in the event that you haven't already got a profile there. If you never, we suggest you do - MySpace is home to tens of thousands of musicians waiting to share their sound with you.

You'll be able to listen free of charge, and should you choose your bit to support less well known artists by posting them a remark, or even offering to create them a review, lots of people could be more than happy to give you a free track in return!

The only problem with MySpace is that there's such a wide range to pick from, it is possible to get lost looking for an audio you prefer - make sure you have a good concept of the genre or artists'names before you delve into the depths of MySpace.

Step 5 - Find your Personal Radio Station

If you're not completely sure who you'd like to find, here is another Google look for Last FM,, or download Spotify - two great ways to locate your perfect style. These are 2 types of the few websites which will stream your individual preferences of music free of charge, for as long as you like.

Find a new favourite artist, and then download their material for a good deal - you'll have the reassurance of knowing you're guaranteed a secure music download, and also supporting a good artist.

Step 6 - Safe Music Downloads in Offline Promotions

Keep your eyes peeled for promotions and offers in the offline world involving free music - large brands have already been known to give away free iTunes credits, whilst numerous others give codes and download links to people who take part within their promotions, this means more safe music downloads.

Step 7 - Find The'Hidden Gems'of Legal Music Download Sites Online

As I've said, it's almost impossible to locate high quality, free and legal music downloads, whilst it's also pretty difficult to get places that offer safe music downloads at a reasonable price. You'll need to do some searching, and select sites who directly work with artists. In this way, you understand you're getting the original, high-quality untouched track, and the artists are receiving something in return for your time and effort they put into giving you the music you enjoy.

But how do you want to know when you yourself have found them?

Sites like these usually feature just a few specific artists, and pay a lot of care to their presentation and their quality of service. After a while, you'll receive to learn how to spot sites like these quickly amongst the others, I would you should be being mean if I didn't start you off!

Try The Best Music Shop [], and discover new music artists talent whilst knowing a good safe music download is simply around the corner.

If you'd rather select the route of contacting artists direct about their music, go as direct as you can. Occasionally you will discover a contact form, subscription box or an email address on an artist's personal site - put it to use!