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12 tasty things all coffee lovers need in their home

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A day without coffee is a hell that we wouldn't wish on anybody but simply having the beans in your home isn't enough to give you the full caffeine experience. There are countless extra touches and wonderful home additions that will really bring the ritual of the first cup of the day to life.

Come with us as we take a tour of the kitchen and discover all the things that truly serious coffee buffs need in their homes. If you're more of a tea person, get away with your blasphemy!

1. Somewhere chic to enjoy it

Coffee tables are a real thing you know, so be sure to have something low, accessible and stylish to pop your cup on until it reaches perfect drinking temperature. Don't forget the coasters!

2. The perfect chalice

When you look forward to imbibing the first drop of life elixir in the morning, no ordinary vessel will do! Coffee lovers need a good supply of quality, ergonomic mugs that will help them enjoy every drop. 

3. A little something something to go alongside

Coffee without biscuits? Are you some kind of philistine? Any real coffee lover will have a number of pretty glass jars in stock, filled with biscotti and other perfect companions for their caffeine infatuation. Yum!

4. Some fancy accessories to show your credentials

Who wants just any old teaspoon to create their perfect cup? Rin Crossing have created this amazing teaspoon that will elegantly dispense the right amount of sugar, if you like your brew a little sweeter.

5. A no expense spared machine

Kitchen gadgets are up there with must have home items and a state-of-the-art coffee machine is a must for any at-home barista. It certainly makes the first cup of the day a little easier to master!

6. Get your 'go juice' on the move

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Regardless of where you are, real coffee lovers need to be able to access their favourite blend. We think enamel cups are a vital item because even if you go camping, you know you can make a brew and not risk breaking your ceramics!

7. A little artistic dedication

When you love something, celebrate it! What could be nicer than a funky art print depicting your favourite thing in the whole world? We love this modern incarnation that really makes us thirsty!

8. Alternative means for when the electrics fail

All gadgets are at the mercy of their components not failing and the last thing you want is a coffee-free morning so a manual contraption on standby is an absolute must! Drip coffee is so in right now that we think this handy device is a cupboard or worktop staple.

9. Fair warning for visitors

If you are a bona fide caffeine nut, you need to warn people about it. A cute little light-hearted sign that lets people know you need a cup before talking about anything serious is only polite.

10. A large dedication to the cause

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Coffee beans


If coffee runs your life, let it take centre stage in your kitchen. We love this personalised and custom splashback that has become a main feature and it certainly detracts from a boring worktop choice!

11. A personalised service centre

Who wants their coffee having to associate with tea? We know we don't so what about creating a focused coffee-only preparation area? It's so simple to repurpose a shelf and we think it looks amazing.

12. Caffeine hits all round the house

You don't need to keep your love of coffee in the kitchen and we think these beautiful soaps, infused with the magic medicine, are a great way to enjoy that sweet aroma in the bathroom. Tasty!

For more culinary inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: Ever Wanted Your Own Herb Garden At Home?

Are you a coffee lover? Or are you more of a tea drinker? Leave a comment and let us know which of these ideas you'd like at home!

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