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14 clever DIY bathroom upgrades to try this weekend

Amy  Buxton Amy Buxton
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Sometimes a DIY intervention on the weekend is what is necessary to improve our homes. A tired bathroom can be one of the most depressing sights in your home as, no matter how much you clean it or add in some funky accessories, you'll just never like it as much as you want to.

Don't fret that it's time for a total overhaul as we have some amazing DIY upgrades that you can do and, in no time at all, you'll have the feel of a new bathroom with none of the expense or hassle.

Ready to transform your room on a shoestring budget? Then let's begin!

1. Give yourself a morning pick me up

Your shower curtain doesn't need to be dull and if you can't find exactly what you want in the shops, a simple stencil could give you a great design.

Why not add your favourite saying or mantra?

2. Let your artistic side out to play

If you've got some lacklustre tiles in your bathroom, you can use something as simple as Sharpie to draw some funky designs on them. 

This is even possible in a rented home as a little rubbing alcohol will wipe the design right off.

3. Hidden detailing just for you

Why not think about adding some cute wrapping or wallpaper to the back of your medicine cabinet? It might only be you and nosey guests that see it but it will bring a smile to your face every morning!

4. Stop your flooring looking boring

Bathmats are a handy addition to a bathroom but they aren't always the most fun. You can cut them up into cool shapes to add some personal pizzazz.

What about a palm tree?

5. Make do and mend

For an amazing towel rail, think about visiting your local DIY store to pick up some metal plumbing supplies. They fit together easily and can make really unique designs in a matter of seconds.

6. Don't just plump for out-of-the-box

If you have a standard mirror, why not jazz it up a bit? You could add lighting or even a makeshift frame, which you can then paint.

Nobody will have the same one, that's for sure!

7. Upcycle furniture with some funky paint

Large bathroom storage items can get a new lease of life with a coat of paint and if you're thinking of changing your colour scheme, this is a great way to make sure everything matches.

8. Paint more than just your furniture

While you have your paintbrush handy, think about getting some metal-specific paint and giving your radiator a freshen up with a new hue.

It'll look like you've bought a totally new item!

9. Get a little crafty with your storage

If you love a craft project, have you thought about making yourself a cute bathroom shelf? You can finish it off with some decoupage to really make it stand out and match your colour scheme.

10. Take on a weird challenge

If you're in the mood for a really wacky project, why not try something like a mosaic tile finish on your toilet or urinal? It might sound crazy but it looks outrageously good.

Just make sure you don't leave any sharp edges!

11. Cobble fixings together with cool DIY remnants

Instead of throwing away weird nuts and bolts when decorating, save them in case you can repurpose them. We think this toilet roll holder will give you lots of inspiration.

12. Go dotty for soap dispensers

When in doubt, style it out. If you're struggling to find the exact soap dispenser and toothbrush holder for you, grab that Sharpie again and create them yourself on plain items. 

Your friends might want some, too!

13. Take a walk on the natural side and spruce up your flooring

If you've got real wood flooring languishing under lino or tiles, why not unearth it and give it a freshen up?

With some sanding and a couple of coats of waterproof varnish it'll be good as new and will have a massive impact on the room.

14. Dig out the sewing machine!

Nobody wants to have cosmetics and personal items cluttering up the bathroom so get online and find a free zip pouch tutorial that you can follow. 

Simple little vanity cases like this will have your room clutter-free in minutes!

For more bathroom inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: 15 Bathrooms You Should See Before Updating Yours.

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