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Gone are the days when it was believed that the walls only need to be painted or covered with wallpaper to look beautiful. The modern designers see the bare walls of the home as a colossal canvas waiting to be filled with creative ideas and imaginations to uplift the elegance of the home décor. Over the years, stencil art has emerged quite popular since it is one of the simplest, quickest and cheapest ways to renovate or decorate the home. You can use the standard design stencil on the walls, floors, ceiling, furniture, and fabric, or you can get it customised to suit the interior design theme specific to space.

AB-DESIGN GMBH designers show exceptional talent and produce stunning stencils. Each design is a masterpiece in its own league, adorning the décor, whether in a commercial or private property. The beautiful designs created by them take up the dull interior and exterior and transform them into gorgeous décor with intricate and delicate stencil designs. The beauty of the stencil cut out made on stiff material is that you can reuse it on other surfaces, too, to decorate anything from tiles to concrete with it. Let’s scroll throw the fantastic collection of stencil art by the designers to get inspired. With stencils in hand, you can create and paint the artwork wherever you choose. The best part is that you don’t have to be an artist to create the artwork to beautify your home décor.

Convenience of the stencil

Stencils are easy to make and durable, and can be used multiple times. Stencil cut out are made using a thick plastic sheet or stiff materials. All you have to do is paste the stencil on the area to be painted and paint the surface using a stencil brush or stencil roller. You can use various paint to paint your stencil art. Just choose the right one to create the stencil art on the wall, floor, furniture or fabric.

Elegance of symmetry

The symmetrical stencils art painted on the walls create beautiful art to elevate the stylishness of the home décor.

Breezy Leaves

The striking stencil designs of leaves swaying to the tune of wind bring in the breezy charm in the interior décor. The colour added through the stencil design painted is just stunning!

Flight of the feathers

Let your creative imagination take a flight with the stencil designs of birds painted on the walls. You can get it painted on the entire wall or just a part of it with light and little decorative pieces creating a dramatic effect.

Giant and the dwarf style

One large stencil design behind the bed's headboard and then many dwarfs’ stencils of the same design complements the elegance of minimalist charm of the bedroom décor.

Decorating the staircase

Create stunning stencil designs on the staircase walls, decorating it and building up an elegant style as you walk up and down the stairs.

Illusion of being framed

The stencil design painted in a definite shape and size creates an illusion of a framed painting decorating the wall décor. 

Jungle book

Imagine the children's excitement on seeing the jungle theme stencil art painted on the walls of their room.

The Arabian Night

That’s the beauty or convenience of the stencils. You can paint just one using it or multiple stencils on the wall, roof, furniture or fabric with the same stencil. This beautiful stencil will look great, even on fabric.

Art on the floor

Instead of predictable tile on the floor, this time, admire the ornate elegance of stencils below your feet. It will give a beautiful makeover on a budget.

Shine of the stencil

Get inspired and make your 3-D stencil artwork shine and glow in the dark using technology and create different designs with your creativity and imagination.

Traditional Stencil on the wall

Bring back the reminiscence of the past and add the traditional flavour in your modern home décor through stencils running along the middle of the wall. The stylishness will look attractive.

Modern stencil on the wall

The stencil paint design has hidden symbols, and prominent ‘OM’ painted on it in golden colour on a blue shade. You can play with different textures, materials and colours on the surface to get a different result every time you use the stencil.

Another design of modern stencil

The combination of copper and gold brings rich elegance into the stencil paint design.

Floral design of stencils

Extend your floral love even on the wall to complement the fresh plants of your indoor garden. 

Dragon wall

A beautiful dragon stencil design painted on a pastel shade wall enhances the glamour and stylishness of the minimalist décor of the study room.

Egyptian art on the wall

The walls with Egyptian stencil designs painted on their walls add the historical charm of Egypt in the restaurant. Change the stencils design based on the theme and admire the elegance it will bring into space.

Elevating the antique style décor

The stencil designs painted on the middle of the bathroom walls elevate the antique style of the bathroom décor to make it look stunning.

Mirror decoration

Use the beautiful stencil designs around the mirror to decorate it, giving it a beautiful makeover without changing anything.

Stunning signboard

Create an elegant signboard to gift on your friend’s new venture and add your best wishes with a chilli dropping, symbolising protection from bad omen.

The last leaf

The beautiful stencil design painted depicting a vine rising from the floor with flowers and leaves take inspiration from ‘The Last Leaf,’ a beautiful story weaved on the wall through stencil art.

The Animal kingdom

Stencil art could turn up to be a teaching method for small children. Get the animal kingdom imprinted on the nursery or kindergarten wall, and learning could be fun.

Painting the roof

Take the stencil up to the ceiling to make it as exciting as the rest of the home décor. Keep it contemporary or traditional; it is ultimately your call.

Rows of stencil on the wall

A beautiful row of stencils painted on the top wall where it meets with the roof gives the wall and the ceiling a delicate makeover. 

An artwork in progress

Even if it is a stencil, lots of patience, perseverance, and effort create a perfect design on the wall. You can make it out with a work in progress.

The finished work on the wall

The musical work was imprinted on the wall using the stencil. If not for the stencil, it would have been an arduous task, which would have taken weeks to finish.

All masked up

Make the new normal of all masked up exciting for the kids with stencil art painted on the masks. It will be interesting to know which design they will choose for today.

In a dreamy land

You can create a stencil around the theme you want to build, like the rust colour wall, delicate light and beautiful stencil art painted on the wall; it’s dreamy!

Big cat in a room

Quite popular among kids, the stencil of big cat brings in regal charm in room décor.

Tile style wall stencil

The tile pattern stencil can easily transform the wall, ceiling or even floors with the design painted on the surface. You can also add the Mediterranean vibe through its design and selection of colours. 

Writing on the wall

Inspired by the cave paintings, writing on the walls using a stencil is quite appealing to the imagination.

Dinosaurs on the wall

Paint the dinosaur love of your children on the nursery walls and amuse them.

Ornate Stencil art

The ornate stencil style decorating the wall will bring in the traditional classy touch in the contemporary décor. With a stencil, even the most complicated design is simple to paint wherever you wish.

A piece of art

You can create a piece of art with a stencil to embellish the walls instead of hanging a painting. Play with different stencils designs in different rooms since there are lots of designs to play with.

Stencil art of the fabric

Add a dramatic flair and a touch of your artistic personality with stencil design painted on the cushions or pillow of your home décor.

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