A Suffolk Suburban Home Fit for Royalty

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One of the initial projects undertaken in the UK by Baufritz, the house we are going to look at today is by no means a training exercise. In fact, it's so up-to-the-minute, you'd be forgiven for assuming that it was actually only completed last week. 

’The Webbs house is a contemporary design with extensive glazing to the front to make the most of the exceptional views. The house has a striking off-set pitched roof that gives the house a modern feel whilst maintaining continuity with the streetscape in which the other, more traditional looking homes, all have pitched roofs. At the front of the house there is a steep downward sloping driveway into the garage below. The basement was expertly constructed by our partner firm Glatthaar, a leading European basement builder.’

Attempting to stand out and blend in is no easy task but this house seamlessly manages both, making it popular with passers by, neighbours and now, you! Take a look with us and see if you agree that this is one contemporary home that is sure to inspire.

What style!

Everything about this super exterior shot is making us already love this home. There are touches of traditional construction about the build but they are then drowned out by amazing contemporary styling or oversized elements, such as the windows.

That offset pitched roof is in view here, offering the ideal balance of something new and integrated design within the neighbourhood. Let's just sit back and admire that skinny strip wood cladding… what a showstopper!

A grander angle

You've got to work your angles to get a decent picture these days and this house has them in spades! From this side, more oversized windows, a wonderfully weird jutting modular stance and an underground garage all come into view and give away the luxurious nature of the build.

With more glazing than solid walls, the inside must be bright and beautiful and, we have to say, we love all the little traditional touches, such as the brick weave driveway. Such a lovely way to keep this house sympathetic to its surroundings.

Big and bright

We did say that this house must be bright on the inside but we don't think any of us were prepared for it to be so dazzling! This is one of the most wonderful naturally lit living rooms that we have seen and it's all thanks to that huge gable window.

While the room itself is not oversized, it certainly puts every available inch to great use and those punchy pops of colour negate the need for anything too over the top on the walls. This is a room designed and used for relaxation and just looking at it is working.

The main event

We were starting to get lulled into a false sense of security by the living room. We expected the rest of the house to be simply decorated, without too many contemporary features, but then this kitchen came along and changed all of that.

The very definition of a statement kitchen, this space is incredible. The exceptionally long island serves to further highlight the sheer size of this room and that grey and white colour scheme is so now that this surely can't have been built any more than a few weeks ago? The blinds are also amazing and serve to bring a real element of design flair and a little softness into play

Gather round

Well, this certainly isn't what we were expecting in the dining room but this house just keeps pleasantly surprising us at every turn. Traditional meets ultra contemporary, which in turn finds itself transforming into a mix of the two, but it all works because the house also embodies those elements.

This sharp looking dining table and chairs set is stunning, whilst the feature rug makes easy work of really making it pop. You certainly wouldn't want to spill anything on that! While most of the items here are monochrome, it's fun to see a little burst of red coming through as it lifts the room and adds some fun to the space.

Every room's a winner

When you're trying to make a splash with home design, you can't afford to forget about the bathroom as nosey people (like us) will always take a look to see if styles of the home continue throughout. Well, bravo Baufritz, this is a delight!

The dark grey tiles offer wonderful contrast to the modern, white suite items but it's that wooden cabinet that really stands out. This is a fresh, clean and unfussy bathroom that is perfectly at home in this eclectic house project that has been driven by masterful design and personal tastes.

For more home building inspiration, take a look at this Ideabook: A Suffolk New Build Home that Raises the Bar.

Which was your favourite room? Was it that stunning kitchen? Or perhaps the sun-drenched living room? Let us know, below!

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