Elegant Natural Wood Rejuvenating Whirlpool Bathtubs in a Luxury Ski Resort

CASÁRBOL Scandinavian style hotels
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Isn’t it a dream of all to have a bathtub where we can soak ourselves and enjoy the warm water relaxing our mind and body? And then imagine if that bathtub turns out to be a whirlpool bathtub, getting a rejuvenating massage with warm water splashing while soaking in the pool. Whirlpool bathtubs are baths with jets fitted that cause circular motion in the water that creates massaging sensation and a spa-like feel that soothes the muscles. It takes the regular bathtub several notches up when it comes to relaxation and rejuvenation after a bath.

When the luxury hotel in Andora located at the foot of the ski slope wanted to build up a luxury bath in its exclusive suits, the professionals of CASARBOL created the pure indulgence in natural wood. The cedar wood whirlpool bathtub installed in the suits elevated the elegance and added the romantic charm to its décor. CASARBOL, the company committed to creating luxurious space in sync with nature, did justice with its natural wood bathtub. Easy to install and easy to maintain, their whirlpool bathtubs come in different designs, styles and sizes to fit your requirements. It will be hard for you to believe that a 120 cm diameter bathtub installed in a bathroom can invigorate a luxurious experience after a day on the ski slope. Let’s dive into the warmth of the wooden whirlpool bathtub and know all you should know before deciding on the bathtub for your new or the bathroom you are planning to renovate.

Customized Whirlpool bathtub

The whirlpool tub is a bathtub that you can get customized to meet your design, size and style of the bathroom, or you can buy it ready-to-install. The polished cedarwood whirlpool is specially designed by the designers of CASARBOL to meet the client’s requirement that was luxury cum comfort. The 120 cm diameter bathtub can be fitted indoors or outdoor; all you need is a professional plumber to finish the fittings. The plumbing work and connection should be regulated and controlled to avoid any leakage. The whirlpool tub will also require regular maintenance and upkeep to function properly, giving a fresh experience every time you get in. 

Working theory of whirlpool bathtub

The whirlpool tub is easy to install and operate. It is filled with water either through the faucet fixed on the tub or using a hose, especially if you use it outside. When the whirlpool bathtub is filled with water, it requires cleaning, and water needs to be filtered to maintain the hygiene of the tub. It is done by the recirculation pump that keeps the water in motion and filters it continuously till the pump is working. This water circulation creates a ripple that massages the body, relaxes and rejuvenates while you enjoy the comfort of the whirlpool tub. 

Natural warmth of Cedar wood

Casárbol professionals love to work with natural materials to keep in sync with nature. It’s hard to imagine a wooden bathtub, but technology has made it possible. The wood is treated well to protect it from getting damaged by water while making the wooden whirlpool tub. Cedarwood is durable, comfortable to work with, convenient to mould, and can withstand high temperature and humidity. Its gentle aromatic fragrance makes it a perfect material for a bathtub. Cedarwood is an ideal wood for using outdoors like a terrace, treehouse, outdoor deck, or whirlpool bathtub. Here, the planks of cedar wood are fitted to form a circular tub of 120 cm diameter. You can give the whirlpool bathtub of your home whatever shape and size you want.

Luxurious elegance of the whirlpool tub accessories

It’s a luxury suite of the hotel room, and hence keeping in sync with the décor of the luxury hotel, the accessories of the whirlpool tub complements the modern décor of the bathroom. The rustic charm of the stone wall in the modern shade of grey harmonizes the warmth of the wooden whirlpool tub. The contemporary bathroom fitting where the bathtub is fixed elevates the elegance of the design. An open wooden shelf for towel rack stylishly finishes off the modern minimalist décor of the bathroom.

Ultimate moment of relaxation and rejuvenation

What could be a better way to relax and rejuvenate after a day of fun and frolic than to soak in pure luxury and indulge in the warmth and gentle massage of a whirlpool tub? Create an ambience with the fragrant candles mixing with the natural woody aroma of the cedarwood. And if the setting looks enticing to you, add the charm of a wooden whirlpool tub in your bathroom and get soaked in the luxury of rejuvenating spa every day.

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