14 inspired designs to step up your home's staircase

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It is crystal clear that a staircase is so much more than a mere transportation system from one floor to the next. The right staircase can become a stylish decorative element, one that flaunts a striking look and makes a chic statement about your interior space. 

This is why architects and interior designers spend so much time dreaming up bigger and better designs when it comes to staircases, even for simple and short models like patio steps. 

To celebrate this impressive feature, we have sought out 14 modern staircases here on homify that all have a “look at me” attitude. Let’s get right to it!

1. The garden display

A staircase that contains a miniature garden? You’d better believe it! Just see how gorgeous those verdant Bonsai trees look, and how the creamy pebbles balance with the dark timber surfaces of the steps. Wow, indeed!

2. Storage that’s stylish

Innovative storage solutions. homify Modern corridor, hallway & stairs built-in storage,space saving furniture

Innovative storage solutions.


The age of miracles is not over after all – this ingenious invention tackles that tricky under-the-staircase space and turns it into a stylish storage solution. With more than enough space for everything from coats and dresses to pants and handbags, this design makes us wonder how come this is not a regular feature in all double-storey houses.

3. Bursting with colour

More is more, and less is a bore. So, if you love colourful wall tiles, then go for gold! This staircase seems to agree, as it relies on a majestic display of colours and patterns to adorn its background.

Walking upstairs has never been more vibrant!

4. Floating steps

Oh, those clever architects who seem to have no boundaries when it comes to designs. Just feast your eyes on this minimal wooden beauty that seems to transport us upstairs via a magical, floating mechanism. 

The trick is that each step is held in place by a strong metal girder in the wall, enabling it to support the climber’s weight. Just be level-headed when taking on this model, as it doesn’t have any banister.

5. Crisp and clean

A chic home calls for a matching staircase – and we’ve found it! This 2-quarter landing model wonderfully combines clear glass plates with stunning marble, achieving an effect that is uniquely light and lavish. 

And special mention needs to go to those striking side table and vases, with their sunshine-yellow beautifully enhancing this modern scene.

6. You may display

How clever! This staircase takes its cue from number 2 on our list, but turns storage into stylish displaying. 

Don’t you just hate it when you run out of space to hold your literary treasures? Those days are over, for this ingenious solution allows you to keep close contact with your book beauties, as they’ll be right underneath your feet!

7. Branching upwards

Like a tree, this staircase rises from the ground, does a few twists, and then continues upwards. It is the perfect addition for those who love a rustic and natural touch to their interiors.

We just advise to use caution when attempting this one, especially after a glass of wine.

8. An urban influence

We just love this staircase, whose designer seems to have a passion for the urban/industrial design. That amazing concrete shows a sturdy character. And then the design is overtaken by the modern elements, like the glass balustrades and chic décor – simply stunning, if you don’t mind your staircase getting all the attention.

9. Revolutionary excellence

The future is here, and it is dazzling! With clear glass slits and chrome touches, this staircase looks like it belongs in a glamorous space age. Fortunately, it is not too ahead of its time, as the chic marble surfaces bring it back to the here and now, while still keeping it modern and lavish.

10. The comfy corner

Seeking a reading corner or just a place to house those scatter cushions? The under-the-staircase trick comes through yet again, only this time it opts for pillows, drapes, and rugs to enhance the quality and charm. 

The addition of textiles and fabrics work especially well with this curvy staircase, whose rustic look transports it straight out of a charismatic fairytale cottage.

11. Keep cautious

Here we have another model that requires attention while using. Multi-functional steps seem to be frozen mid-air, leaving us in a precious state between flying and falling. However, these steps are actually relatively easy to climb, thanks to the jutting shelves at the top for support. 

And thanks to creative planning, this staircase features space to display your crockery, books, and plants, as well as a small writing station. As we said: multi-functional.

12. Some Asian persuasion

Fancy a touch of oriental with your interiors? Your staircase is not necessarily exempt from this. This beauty above shows off an exceptional blend of rustic, modern, and an Asian-inspired style. 

But take all the additional touches away (such as the orchids and rattan lampshades), and the remaining staircase with glass balustrades can function expertly on its own.

13. Something simple yet memorable

If a simple design is more to your liking, then this one might do. This spiral, open-riser design delicately cascades from the floor above, with its soft timber steps seemingly floating in slow motion. 

Some fresh colour is introduced into the scene, thanks to the numerous potted plants – all of which seem to add a slightly shabby chic vibe to the white-and-wood design.

14. Soft curves

We close off with a memorable model: this corkscrew creation that elegantly sweeps downward (or upward) and fits in just perfectly with the space of this modern home. This is perfect for when you want your staircase to be a focal point, yet not dominate your interiors completely. 

From the insides to the outsides, let’s take a look at these 6 Balconies With Superb Views.

Our comments space below is just for you! So, tell us: which staircase was your favourite?

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