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A Genius Oxford Home Renovation

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Before and after home renovation ventures are one of, if not the most, exciting projects to view. As humans, we are excited by progress and renewal, so we love hearing about the trials and tribulations of homeowners and designers as they transform a rundown and decrepit property into a story of triumph and success. This is exactly what you are about to see take place. 

An old house in Oxford, which was in a very sorry state, has been given some much needed love and care and is now a stunning, light-filled, contemporary home. Spiering & Co are a dynamic mother and daughter interior design team who have forged a name in the design industry by fusing timeless English glamour and contemporary fresh interiors together. Here you will see, in their rework of a dilapidated home in Oxford, which they completed in a time frame of only six weeks, a home which is completely unrecognisable from its former self. 

Today, we're going to take you on a tour and hopefully inspire you to tackle that dream renovation project you've always wanted to do!

Unassuming exterior

You wouldn't know but, by looking at this image, you are seeing the front of a house that was falling apart and in a sad state inside. As they say, you should never judge a book by its cover, but a home with this much character and charm should only be looked after and treated as it deserves.

Overgrown plants, weeds and a general unsightly mess took over the rear and front façade of this home. What you see now is a neat, tidy and inviting home that is a little piece of history. Typical for the area, as you can see by the adjoined neighbouring property, this house has been restored to its former glory and allowed to continue its legacy as a charming Oxford home.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at what was inside before…

Before: The living room

After: The living room

Dark, dank and uninviting, the existing living room has been given a completely new leash on life. By changing the colour scheme and making the most of the position of that beautiful bay window, the living room is now light-filled, airy and spacious, despite its size. 

The room has been gutted entirely, with the carpet having been removed, the walls re-painted and, if you look closely, you can see that the fireplace has also been replaced. This is now a living space that anyone would be proud to call their own and is a wonderful example of modern design, with a touch of classic glamour.

Additional storage on either side of the fireplace has become an attractive area to store trinkets, holiday memories and a collection of books. Or, as pictured, to house a cheeky drop of liquor for when guests are over. After dinner, this is a great place to relax, unwind and enjoy your own company or that of friends. 

Before: The kitchen

After: The kitchen

Dirty and unfriendly, the old kitchen was not only outdated but also falling to pieces. A mismatch of past eras, the bench tops were not conducive to easy cleaning, preparation or accessibility. In fact, it was probably one of the last places you would feel inspired to invent and cook up a meal. 

Now, clever storage has been added, the sink replaced and a bench top that is sleek and modern takes centre stage. We absolutely love the blackboard wall! What a great spot to write messages to your kids, plan meals or even remind yourself that you need to pick up milk or bread from the shops.

Before: The bathroom

After: The bathroom

As with the kitchen and living room, the bathroom was also cold, disorganised and definitely not the temple of relaxation we envisage for this space. Brown was fashionable for a very short period in the 60s and has luckily never surfaced again as a trend. 

As you can see, a muted and neutral palette replaces the old and antiquated bathroom, creating an aura of cleanliness, calm and serenity. Large marble tiles line the floor and walls, which is a great small bathroom idea as they open up the space, making it appear larger. A big mirror has been applied to the rear, cleverly facing the window to reflect the available natural light, opening up the shadows to cause a clever optical illusion of additional breadth. 

Little would you know, the grain on the tiles is actually faux-marble, making it the perfect cost-effective solution for all homeowners!

Before: The bedroom

After: The bedroom

Green can be used to great effect, especially when paired with white and grey. However, it does have to be the correct shade. In the previous picture, we saw a lowly shade of moss green on both the curtains and the carpet, which achieved nothing other than making the bedroom appear lifeless and cramped.

A fresh lick of white paint on all surfaces and a subtle feature wall of pale grey bring this room to life once again. The cupboard doors have masterfully been painted white, making the space look instantly larger. A mirror was also added to the back of the unit, turning the space into a glamour dressing room. The lime green quilt cover looks lively and exciting, adding a much needed pop of colour to the space.

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Tell us which updated room was your favourite!
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