Vinyl Tiles for Luxury Home Décor

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High-quality flooring is a must when it comes to luxury home décor. The type of flooring, the quality of the material, the workers, etc., there's simply just a lot of content to wade through for your floor décor. What's most important is that the flooring styles and designs you have in mind have easy floor care and cleaning accessibility.

Flooring designs that do not compliment the overall home décor just throws off the ambiance as there seems to be a lot going on with the theme of the house. When decorating an aesthetically luxurious house, the flooring is the key to speaking for the house's elegance. Vinyl tiles are the absolute go-to for luxury flooring for any corner of the house.


Vinyl tiles are relatively easier to clean than other floorings and are water-resistant, making them the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchen flooring. Certain flooring like carpets is nerve-wracking to clean, which gives vinyl tiles an upper hand in the ease of maintenance. The only downside is that scratches may show up, and therefore it is important that you are gentle and not too harsh with the cleaning and scrubbing of the floor.


Quick-step offers a massive variety of vinyl styling for your floor, which you can lay out in a variety of colours and patterns. You are at liberty to create your ideal look for your house by choosing the pigmented tiles to compliment your home décor. The great thing about vinyl tiles is that colour doesn't fade as quickly, even when they have prolonged exposure to sunlight.


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Luxury vinyl tiles have the quality to effectively resist stains and water while coping with foot traffic. High-quality vinyl tiles can last more than 20 years with little maintenance. However, the cheaper vinyl tiles may lead to wear and tear quickly. They are difficult to manage when they have scratches and grooves, as the entire flooring would have to be removed to fix the look.

Vinyl tiles are comfortable, flexible and non-porous, and incredibly versatile. It adopts the texture of the material that is laid beneath it, which makes it customizable to your liking. The styling of your house is in your hands, as the options in vinyl tiles are endless. Generally, they are cheaper than most floorings and are perfect for all climates. Their long durability and easy maintenance make them unique and the best choice for a luxury interior.

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