10 dazzling bathrooms of black, white and gold

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AR Design Studio- 4 Views, AR Design Studio AR Design Studio Modern bathroom
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Which colour combination, in your opinion, is perfect for the bathroom? Bearing in mind that the bathroom is where we cleanse (among other things), a lot of us opt for crisp-white tones to mimic how squeaky clean we scrub ourselves in our bath/showers. Others go for more cheerful hues, such as lime green or lilacs.

But what about going in another direction by bringing in a striking combination of black, white, and gold? These three tones complement and contrast each other most perfectly, and as we’re seeing more and more golden fixtures in bathrooms these days, it is a colour palette that is becoming increasingly possible and popular. 

Let’s indulge ourselves in some glamorous opulence by viewing 10 bathrooms that make strikingly use of this unique colour combination.

1. An opulent space

Restored Georgian splendour with modern indulgences, Design by UBER Design by UBER Classic style bathroom
Design by UBER

Restored Georgian splendour with modern indulgences

Design by UBER

We kick off with a bathroom that can’t help but make us go “wow”. Dark marble takes centre stage here, adorning floors and walls with supreme sophistication, yet a subtle contrast is found in the snow white porcelain bathtub and vanity countertop.

And there is no overlooking the golden spots popping out of select places, least of which the bathtub’s decadent coating.

2. A golden treat for the windows

Of course a golden tub is not our only option for when we want to bring in this decadent tone. In this bathroom space by Ogle Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms, the golden hues of the window treatment add just the right amount of style to the dominant black marble and white surfaces of the tub and sink.

3. Leaving it to the tiles

A sexy, atmospheric ensuite Matteo Bianchi Studio Eclectic style bathroom
Matteo Bianchi Studio

A sexy, atmospheric ensuite

Matteo Bianchi Studio

If you want to stay away from a too lavish look, yet still require a bit of dazzling in your bathroom, how about this example? A pitch black colour for the wall’s surface, with light touches of gold winking ever so slightly at you from the mosaic tiles.

4. Let’s focus

AR Design Studio- 4 Views, AR Design Studio AR Design Studio Modern bathroom
AR Design Studio

AR Design Studio- 4 Views

AR Design Studio

We think this golden focal wall is most eye-catching. Elegantly presenting a backdrop for the crisp-white tub, it also radiates a soft glow as the downlighters beam down on its surface. 

Perfect for when you want that luxurious look to take a less is more approach.

5. The Midas touch

Stephanie Coutas's projects, Stephanie Coutas Stephanie Coutas Modern bathroom
Stephanie Coutas

Stephanie Coutas's projects

Stephanie Coutas

More is more, and less is a bore – if that’s your tune, then step right into this ultra fabulous bathroom with exquisite illumination, thanks to the combination of sparkling ceiling lights and golden surfaces galore.

A dark ceiling and white textiles do their best to balance the colour scales, yet gold takes centre stage here!

6. Toned down brightness

For those of us who don’t wish to be blinded by quite such an abundance (and brightness) of gold, this dusty-toned mirror frame could work beautifully. It lights up quite brilliantly when paired with lighting, yet not overtly so. Plus, it looks rather elegant paired with the dark marble of the backdrop.

​7. A throwback to the golden oldies

Bathroom homify Eclectic style bathroom



They say the classics never die, and when we look at this classic style bathroom, we tend to agree. A swirly and twirly design is evident in the bathroom fixtures and mirror frame, making us reminisce about the golden (pun intended) days of opulence, like Versailles.

8. Gleaming with excellence

What is the point of showing off golden touches in the bathroom if it’s not going to sparkle? Fortunately, this bathroom has no concerns about that, for every golden surface here (such as the sink legs and fixtures) gleams with ultimate perfection, as if it’s just been polished. 

And just see how it makes the contrast between the golden hues and the whites/blacks even more striking.

​9. More monochrome

Interiors | Bathroom DesigniTures Classic style bathroom

Interiors | Bathroom


We love this bathroom’s take on black, white, and gold, focusing mainly on the first two for a stylish contrast, and then adding only a whisper of gold (via the mirror frame) as an afterthought. 

For more that ideas that could be perfect for your space, see these: 10 Stylish Bathroom Shelves.

​10. Double deluxe

Hoxton Victorian Bathroom, Inara Interiors Inara Interiors Eclectic style bathroom
Inara Interiors

Hoxton Victorian Bathroom

Inara Interiors

How about this classic look to close off our list? A claw-foot bathtub and shower area stylishly break up the double vanity, with richly decorated round mirror frames casting soft golden glows thanks to the expertly placed wall lighting above each one.

Are you a fan of a black, white and gold bathroom? Or is it too decadent for your tastes? Share your thoughts with us, below!

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